Stuff Portait Friday – Who Has Time for Hobbies?!

Ok, so SPF this week doesn’t have a theme title, but that’s ok. Brought to us as always by Kristine, this weeks list is: 1. Something you made/built yourself 2. The tools of your hobby 3. Something you want to get rid of

First of all, I am the FARTHEST thing from crafty. I looked and looked and thought and thought and could not find one thing in my house I built myself. I don’t sew. I don’t build. Hey, I barely even made this blog myself. I posted once about a yummy dessert I made myself. But I’m an engineer, AND one that does sales and marketing too, so I write a lot of articles and papers and do really cool presentations to promote myself and my company. Here’s my latest published creation, an article on networking in the uber-cool wastewater trade journal, WE&T. If you really want to read it, email me and I’ll send it to ya. My byline at the bottom is conveniently hidden by the flash reflection.

Image hosted by

I’m not sure if Kristine meant she wanted the tools I used to make the above creation, or a genuine hobby (which that isn’t) so I’ll give you both. Of course I used my puter to write that article. I actually did use a pen first, but here’s my very messy workspace.

Image hosted by

Now, my REAL hobby is shopping. It’s what I do when I’m bored. It’s what I do when I want some retail therapy. Here are my essential tools:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Finally, something I want to get rid of. I was going to show you my “fat jeans” which are now thankfully two sizes to big (almost three!) but I was too embaressed. So here are a couple pair of shoes that I bought when I was younger and hip and now they are too young for my sophisticated soccer mom self.

Image hosted by

I’m off on vacay to Boston Friday for a loooooong weekend so I won’t be postin’ for awhile. Leave lotsa comments for me to see when I get back!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. You crack me up, engineer mom. I’m having the hardest time coming up with something.

    Man, I had no idea you were published. That’s awesome! I need to get published. Maybe I should stop blogging and write something related to my profession. Nah, this is way more fun. 😉

    I have those shoes on the right, I’ll have you know. They were my bar hopping shoes. Sweet.

    Hope you had fun in Bean Town or whatever it’s nickname is.


  2. Hey, I recognize some of those cards! I’ll probably run into you at Casual Corner someday–the sales people there know me.

    Crayonz, are you nuts? What about those paintings you were showing off a few weeks ago?

    Have a great vacation MM!


  3. This was my first time playing SPF and I wasn’t sure what to come up something.

    I like to shop too! I just can’t afford to – which make me so sad.


  4. Congrats on the pub.
    Keep the sandals, ditch the clogs.
    Have a fabulous wkend…hope you’re going sans N., but it will be fun regardless.


  5. Awesome that you get published, girl!

    I love your hobby. You need the purseket for that purse. Look it up, its pretty cool.

    Hope you had a good away!


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