Tantrum Thursday – Food Issues

So as I may have mentioned to some people, Nate has suddenly stopped eating. Well, not quite everything, but anything good for him. All his former favorites are now repulsive and worthy of the clamped shut mouth or the spitting out with accompanying shivers. The only things he will eat are sweet things like bananas, cheese, cheesy crackers, and graham crackers. No more oatmeal, no more squash, no more beef and wegitables.

Here he is with the beginning of a tantrum, the fake crying whine.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then he opens one eye to check and make sure you are watching the fake cry.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then he proceeds into the full fledged self-pity party.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love mealtimes.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I in no way want to be that mom that bestows that ‘I know everything, lemme give ya unwanted advice.’


    When my ragamuffin refused the good-for-ya things like oatmeal, I’d mix it with sweet-good-for-you-things like yogurt. Or she started to hate plain bread, so I started showing her how to dip her bread in yummy-good-for-you-mashed-veggies.

    Last thing I’ll uninvited-ly say is, my pediatrician told me to mix chocolate syrup with my daughters milk (for cryin’ out loud!) just to get her to drink it. {Which I never did}


  2. STOP!! Put the Hershey’s syrup and pork rinds DOWN!!! Don’t do anything drastic! It’s NOT about the food – it’s a POWER thing. It will pass…try not to make a big deal of it. I know it’s sooooo hard, but over the course of 2 kids going thru this I’ve learned that they eat what I give them or don’t eat what I give them at any given meal (good stuff or bad), no matter what I do, and I cannot make value judgements so that they see….apparently that sticks forever in those tiny rapidly-connecting neurons. The pendulum will swing back, I promise. (but if you give them french fries AT EVERY MEAL, why, oh why, would they want to eat anything else?!? Sorry for the rant, but you have a certain person who took care of my kids recently to thank for that!)


  3. I know I have posted a comment already, but I felt the absolute need to post another. Although I agree not to give your child crazy-sugar-filled-hyper-tantrum-inducing-food-additives at every meal, I came to realize and respect the fact that my daughter has an ever-expanding taste-factor.

    If I give her some banana on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, by Friday she’s like can I have some freakin’ blueberries already?

    My point is: My daughter (maybe like your son) has preferences and likes variety. If I give her something new– yet healthy, she 9 times outta 10 will eat it all. I also know there’s things she just doesn’t like, like anything hinting at spicy or plain meat (yeah I know, she’s a strange bird).

    Gee, how I wish someone had just took ahold and shook me a year ago and said stop worrying about it! She eats fruits and vegetables at every meal, right? She has plenty of whole grains and milk every day, RIGHT?! Then give her a freaking cookie every once in a while… Geez

    **That’s right I said cookie**


  4. You guys are so funny. I’m not really worried about it, mostly pissed off that he has stopped being so cooperative. He’ll eat fruit till the cows come home but no veggies this week. No 3rd foods. Hardly anything. He’ll eat yogurt and other sweet stuff, but some meals he’s gonna have to go hungry if he doesn’t eat his veggies. Don’t worry, my kid doesn’t even LIKE french fries.


  5. Robyn’s mama kind of freaked me out there a bit. I thought, no way. My mom has a BLOG? Whew, wrong Robyn.

    Although I sympathize with Nate’s food aversion tactics, I must say his hands are in excellent form. I give it an 8.3.


  6. I love that you are aware that the “crying whine” is “fake”, and that he’s making sure you’re watching him fake it. I love that you’re not taking it too seriously. I also love that you’re quite willing to present him with something and have him not eat it and thus do without.

    It’s about choices. You choose what he’s given, and when. He chooses how much and whether. He does not have to eat his peas, but you do not have to give him anything else until he at least tries them.

    Will he get hungry? Well, yes – hungry enough to eat a pea or two!! Will he starve? No.


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