Our Trip to Bean Town

The Fam
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As I mentioned before, last weekend we took a long weekend to drive up to Boston to visit my grandparents. They are from Boston, but live in Houston most of the year. They drive up every May and drive back every October. My sister and her husband flew up to join us as well.

Nathan was pretty good on the drive up, and we only had to stop once for lunch. We made great time, driving it in about 6 hours. My grandparents loved watching Nate scoot around all over the floor, exploring their very antique house. It was pretty hot and the house doesn’t have central air, so poor Nate was pretty fussy much of the time. He cut a new tooth as well. We spent Saturday driving all over creation, out to Sudbury to have lunch at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn (which took FOREVER…Nate was a trooper) and we got lost looking for Minute Man National Park in Concord and Lexington. Well, we were in two cars, so the lead car got lost and we just had to follow. I knew where I was going, but I wasn’t leading and no one would listen to me. Anyway, Sunday we went to their church, the First Church in Weymouth. It is super duper old, and my grandfather’s dad was the pastor there long long ago. My grandmother grew up in the house next door, the same house they now live in. They knew each other from childhood. My grandfather was actually born in the house on the spot where Abigail Adams was born. Too much freakin’ history for me. Anyway, my grandfather sings in the choir, and since I used to enjoy that too, I volunteered to join them that Sunday. They pick songs an hour before church and learn ’em quick. Little did I know most of the choir wouldn’t show up due to summer vacation. It was me, my granddad, and one very good soprano. UGH! Anyway it made my grandparents happy, and that’s my whole goal for the weekend. Then we drove all over the South Shore coastline, looking at the pricey real estate overlooking the ocean. We ate dinner at the Wharf in Situate watching the boats run in and out of the marina. It was pretty much the same stuff I have done there ever single summer of my entire life. But spending time with my grandparents is important no matter what we do, and they sure loved Nathan.


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  1. Grandparents are the greatest. I was the defacto grandmother guardian during the years b/4 she passed away, and went to visit her every third wkend. After the boys were born I always took at least one of them w/ me, and while it was an extreme hassle, the joy it gave her was entirely worth every trip. I miss going, and am saddened by the fact that my kids won’t know her. Enjoy them as long as you can.


  2. What a great pic of you and grandparents and Nate! You look fantastic. It also sounds like you really enjoyed your shopping spree!


  3. Oops, that’s not me. I forgot to mention that’s my sister. She’s considerably thinner than I. But thanks anyway! Hehe.


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