Confessions of a Shopaholic

Truthfully I am not really a shopaholic like in the book, but I do love it very much and could do it all day every day. Lately I have mostly shopped for Nathan, but yesterday my mom called and suggested we go to the mega mall to shop for ourselves, sans kiddo. On the way out the door my SILLY husband told me, as he was paying bills and checking our finances in Quicken, “We had a really good month this month so you can spend some money. Don’t go overboard, but don’t not buy something because you feel guilty.” Crazy husband, that’s the worst thing you can say to a woman about to go shopping. License to SPEND! Good thing I’m pretty frugal.

My mom’s going on a cruise to Hawaii in a couple months and “needs” new summer clothes before they’re all gone. Good thing summer clothes are all now 75% off. I forgot how fun it was to shop for myself sans kid. Especially when I’ve shrunk two dress sizes. We spent an hour in Macy’s trying stuff on and I left with a pair of lavender linen pants ($10) and an orange sleeveless polo shirt ($6). Then I found a great sleeveless denim shirt dress at Talbots on sale for $52, which I normally wouldn’t spend but it looked SO great on me I had to. Plus I happened to be wearing the perfect dark denim embroidered mules to go with it. It was fate. Then we went to Lord & Taylor’s and spent forever combing the sale racks there and trying on cheap outfit after cheap outfit. I came away with a very sexy black miniskirt with satin ribbon lacing up one side. I think it was Michael Kors. ($15) My mom was also very happy to have me along to give her advice on stuff. She got a few nice things and we were kind of on a roll when we had to leave. I felt like I hardly hit any stores, but I was happy with what I got.

Normally this would have satiated my shopping urge for quite some time, but when I got home and went through my wardrobe, I realized how so many of my clothes are old or too big and I had nothing to go with my new skirt. So since it was pouring rain today I thought another trip to the mall might be in order. After all, we hadn’t made it to Strawbridges yesterday, usually the source of the most great buys. So I called her up and we met at the littler mall, with the kid this time. Strawbridges had TONS of stuff on sale racks up to 80% off and I had an additional 15% off shopping pass. I tried on about a billion things, but settled on one white tank top ($7), one black Jones NY tank top ($24) and one gorgeous pair of grey lined dress pants with muticolored pastel pinstripes for $30, originally $118. And not a single pair of shoes!

Sorry if I have bored you all with my shopping exploits, but I love it so much and had to brag about my bargains.


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  1. Wow! congratulations on your great finds!
    I’m so cheap, I really haven’t shopped for myself much lately at all. I do have a designer that lives where we used to that has warehouse sales prior to sending out orders to boutiques and try to make those as often as possible. They actually have on the invitation that NO men or children are allowed! Love that!


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