Toolbenches are cool

Toolbenches are cool
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Is it nurture or nature? Well, I don’t know, but Nathan certainly is a boy. No doubt about that. First he liked blocks. Mostly he liked throwing the blocks and destroying block towers. Then he liked balls. Check that…LOVED balls. He throws them and rolls them across the floor and chases after them. Then he starting with the banging things together. So I bought him that cool toolbench that sings and lights up when you hit it with the little hammer. He LOVED that. Now suddenly he has discovered the joy of things with wheels. Trucks, cars, anything he can roll back and forth on the floor. The YMCA childwatch ladies explained why he was fussing when I went to pick him up one evening after working out. “We were just putting the toys away for the night and someone took his beloved trucks!” At least he’s pretty easy to please.


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  1. Yep, The Boy actually makes motor sounds sometimes, when he is rolling a car around, and then stops when the car stops. This has created a huge influx of Little People trucks and cars…..good grief!

    Does your little guy like to flip things over to see what they look like on the underside? I’m wondering if that’s a boy thing too!


  2. Both of my boys LOVE wheels, balls, gears, tools etc. (When Critter was still just crawling I could get him out of his stroller and tip the front wheels of the stroller, and he would play for a good 20 min. stretch just spinning the wheels in various ways.)

    As a nod toward heading off gender stereotyping, we got a kitchen playset. They will play with it correctly, but mostly they dump out all the food, flip the containers over, and use the wooden utensils to play the drums.

    Once when Little Bit was tiny we were at a playgroup gathering, and that day only one of the gals with daughters showed. The boys ran around climbing, kicking, rolling balls. The girl sat in front of LB’s bouncy seat and kissed his feet….the entire time.

    We also discovered that there’s a big difference between ‘girl childproofing’ and ‘boy childproofing’….

    God wired them up differently.Go figure.


  3. I think it is funny that my boy has been fascinated with trucks from the time he wa six months. He points at anything that resembles a truck.


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