My New Celebrity Crush

I think I may have mentioned long ago that I am a big fan of Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters.

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He is a super talented drummer, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He played with Nirvana, and has worked on about a million side projects such as Queens of the Stoneage and Probot. He’s pretty cute too. See?

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I have seen the Foos in concert twice and they are phenomenal. Every CD is near perfection in rock music. Ok, enough raving. When he got married it put a bit of a damper on my little celeb crush, but not much. (doesn’t matter than I’m married, it’s a celeb crush after all!) But when they played on the whole “Rock Against Bush” thing, I got a little more bummed. But I refused to let their politics influence my love of their music and cuteness.

Anyway, I was watching the Mtv Video Music Awards the other night, hoping that the Foos might be nominated for their new album and might even perform or make an appearence. Alas, they did not. However, I saw a rockin performance by new band, The Killers, who did my most favorite tune of the moment, Mr. Brightside. I suddenly noticed that the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, is ADORABLE. Check it out.

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He always wears some kind of funky tailored suit and usually a tie. He’s got a baby face because he’s only 22. Yes, I admit, I like the eyeliner and lip gloss. What can I say, it’s the punk rock girl in me. In almost every photo I see, he’s got the killer pout going on. Almost never smiles. What is it with rock stars and not smiling? When Dave Grohl poses he doesn’t smile either, but he’s a hilarious guy that has a huge sense of humor and smiles a lot while pulling all kinds of pranks and so forth. Anyway, Dave may have been at least temporarily replaced as my celeb crush.

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One response to this post.

  1. Ummm, yeah, in that first pic Mr. Flowers looked like he was 16!!

    Celeb crushes…they usually last longer than celeb marriages! 🙂


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