Stuff Portrait Friday

Today SPF is being brought to us by Renee, instead of Kristine who is off partying with her blog friends. Renee asked us to show our favorite alcoholic beverage, our dishes, and our the junk in our trunks. (No, not our butts, our actual trunks.) Picking a fav drink is hard for me, because there are so many great ones. I love me a good Cosmopolitan when I’m out with the girls. But mostly I love great wine. I had a friend who I used to travel on business with who introduced me to truly great wine, of the $250 a bottle variety. He was on an expense account. I dined with him whenever possible. Touring winerys in Sonoma was fun, but touring them in South Africa was one of the most fun days of my life. Then wine was so good and so cheap there than my traveling companion and I would often polish off two or three bottles over the course of the day. Here’s our current supply, all from local winery, Calvaresi.
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My trunk is really boring, with nothing but my CD disc changer and both of my strollers. Often there are bags and bags from my shopping trips, but I bring those in pretty quick to try on all my new clothes.
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I have lots and lots of dishes. I have everyday dishes, I have the china I registered for at my wedding, I have a set of china from Mike’s great-grandmother, and I have Christmas dishes. My every day dishes are April by Pfaltzgraff. My kitchen is everything April.
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My fine china that I registered for is Royal Doulton, my crystal is Lenox, and my sterling silver is from Towle. I don’t use this stuff that much because it has to be washed by hand. I use the wine glasses a lot though!
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5 responses to this post.

  1. Love your wine rack and your dishes. I am cracjing up that it seems most everyone has strollers in the trunk!lol


  2. Yes, why is it that our entire trunks are dedicated to our children’s ability to be mobile?

    Hardly seems fair. Maybe they should take over the car notes?


  3. Pretty china.
    As for the strollers….I’ll be darned if I’m gonna carry those urchins! I sooo don’t understand when I see people doing this.
    Just call me lazy…


  4. Beautiful dishes, all of them!


  5. Those are my everyday dishes!!! Actually, they are my everything dishes, but I still love them! I don’t have the glasses, but I have everything else!


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