>SPF – We Are Penn State!

>The week zipped by so fast I almost forgot about Stuff Portrait Friday. Today we have scenes from our favorite sports team. 1. Sports paraphenalia 2. Your fav player 3. You at a tailgate/sports party (or your kid in a jersey)

Mike and I both graduated from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) so we are both rabid Nittany Lion football fans. In the years we were in college, the team was awesome, even going undefeated and sharing the national championship in 1994. Lots of people from that team went to the NFL, including Kerry Collins, Kijana Carter, my fav Kyle Brady, and many others. In 1995 I got to know Bobby Engram (currently a Seattle Seahawk) when he taught my ballroom dance class. The man has a very strong lead when you are in his arms, let me tell you! Then I had a public speaking class project with Curtis Enis (currently with the Cleveland Browns) and got to know him pretty well. For being such a stellar athlete he sure was lazy. Anywho, it’s much harder to keep track of the players now that I’m out of school, but my favorite recent Nittany Lion is Adam Teliaferro, a freshman phenom in 2000 who had a major spinal cord injury on the field against Ohio State and was thought would never walk again. I remember the silence in the stadium as we all watched him, unable to move. I remember seeing coach Joe Paterno cry at his press conference that week. But Adam had a positive spirit and drive that would humble anyone. He left the hospital after three months and would walk on his own soon after. Though he never played football again, he went on to graduate and go to law school. His smile has uplifted Happy Valley many times. He set up a foundation to help with spinal cord injuries. He’s a wonderful role model. Here he is leaving the hospital, and then leading the team onto the field the next year:

Ok, now for my Penn State paraphenalia. I know this isn’t all of it, but it’s all I could think of. My favorite is the painting of Old Main on campus, done by my favorite artist, Rick Bollinger. Rick is a famous local artist who’s family we got to know because his kids went to my Christian school and his daughter my age went to Penn State as well.

I didn’t have any pictures of myself at a tailgate or party because I’m always the one taking the pictures. But here is one from a Penn State tailgate.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >I got chills reading your Adam Teliaferro story!


  2. >What a great story!!


  3. >Thats a lots of Penn State Memoriabilia. Wow great story.


  4. >Great story and why is it that us womens-folk are always having to take the pictures?Just once I wish Sugar Daddy would say, “Wow, let’s get a picture of this for the scrapbook!”Or maybe not…


  5. >Woo hoo! Grammy Nuisance hails from Penn State, and my real grandfather went there.


  6. >Just one correction…I believe Curtis Enis is now out of the league. I felt bad for him when he injured his knee. He had a lot going for him.


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