>Little People Torture Device


Busy Ball Bopper
Originally uploaded by Pooqueen.

Nathan’s newest toy, the Busy Ball Bopper, is the source of many minutes of self-amusement. Nathan has mastered turning it on himself, crawling around to gather up the balls that fly everywhere, and putting them back in the bopper. The only problem is that he will put anything that fits in the hole in the bopper. That includes Fisher Price school bus little people. The fit quite nicely, but unfortunately they don’t come flying out like the balls to.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Yes, I even have dedicated twisted-wire-from-the-cleaners hangers that are specifically for extracting such problems! Good luck.


  2. >I hate that thing. Pacifiers fit nicely into it as well. I wish there was a volume control on the thing.


  3. >Hehe…I don’t mind it now that he figured out how to turn it on himself. For awhile he would just put the balls in and then whine for me to make it go.


  4. >At least it plays a different tune every time it goes off. Unlike the Fisher Price dump truck. I hear that thing in my sleep sometimes.


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