>But I Don’t Want To Nap!


Originally uploaded by Pooqueen.

Notice the big drool spot all over his shirt. He must be cutting some teeth but I’m not sure where because he won’t let me stick my finger in his mouth to check. He had a couple of very cranky days last week but he seems to be pretty happy now. Except when it comes time for his afternoon nap. Usually he naps like clockwork, for just over an hour at 10:30 in the morning and then again for an hour at 3:30. The past two days he has refused to go to sleep for his second nap. He cries and cries until I give up and get him out to play. He doesn’t seem too much worse for the wear in the evenings but it makes it pretty hard for me to get any work done. UGH! I thought babies weren’t supposed to go to one nap till they are 15 or 18 months!


2 responses to this post.

  1. >I’m sorry he won’t nap. He’s still so darn cute. Slobber and all.


  2. >What? No post on Nathan’s first birthday???


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