>Movie Review Time

>Earlier this week I rented three newish DVD’s and I have been meaning to tell you all about them. Here goes.

Crash: This movie is incredible, but not for everybody. Don’t rent it if you’re looking for lighthearted entertainment. Don’t rent it if you’re looking for an action movie. Rent it if you want to have your heart torn from your body, cry your eyes out, and generally have a lot of emotion evoked. Not good emotion. It’s about racism in it’s most ugly forms, all kinds about all races. The thing I DON’T like is that it basically gives the message that EVERYONE is racist in some way, but there is probably an underlying reason for it. It both perpetuates stereotypes and works to trash them at the same time. Everyone is not a racist. I refuse to accept that. But I liked the movie A LOT just the same. Makes you think.

Monster-In-Law: Don’t ask me why I rented this, I hate Jane Fonda and I don’t really love J-Lo either. I love chick flicks, but this isn’t even a real chick flick. Hottie McHotster Michael Vartan barely gets a voice in this movie. Parts were pretty funny, but the happy ending wrapped up much to quickly in the end.

Finding Neverland: WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO RENT THIS!! Fabulous movie. It didn’t look that great to me because it’s sort of a biography of an author who I really don’t care about. The play, Peter Pan, is not bad but was never my favorite. Well this movie has suddenly made me long to take my kid to see Peter Pan on stage. Johnny Depp is wonderful and Kate Winslet is lovely. The children are absolutely adorable. I bawled my eyes out. That’s a sign of a good movie. Rent this one NOW.


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  1. >Finding Neverland is a great movie. Johnny Depp has been my favorite actor for almost a decade, because he often takes risks that most other actors won’t. I respect that.The ending is extremely sad. And moreso for me, since the final part of the movie reflects directly on event in my life.


  2. >I agree on Finding Neverland. Depp is a tremendous actor anyway. It’s a shame that he was nominated for an Oscar for his shameful acting in Pirates of the Carribean and not for serious movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which had me rolling on the floor in laughter.I haven’t seen Crash but it sounds like I should. I tend to think that none of us can completely escape being racist no matter how hard we try or how much we love people of other races. The reason I say that is because we all either fear or resent being in a racial minority. We don’t want another race to rule over us and that IS the fundamental element of racism. The best any of us can do is to conquer that fear. Since fears like that are generally submerged iceburgs in our minds well beneath our awareness, that’s not an easy thing to do.I generally take my daughter’s advice with J-Lo movies (as well as Ben Aflac movies) and avoid them.I saw a great movie in the theaters this week, The Constant Gardener. If you see this one, be prepared to pay attention. It’s a romance/tragedy/mystery movie full of clues that come fast. It is based in Africa with fantastic photography and a very open dialog about politics and greed.


  3. >Haven’t seen the first two, but I concur with Finding Neverland. I avoided it for the longest time because I judged the book by its cover. I love that movie.If you haven’t seen it, Hotel Rwanda is another must see. I think I bawled the entire movie.


  4. >I rented Crash this afternoon and agree with you. It is quite a movie and in several instanced evoked emotion even from my cold old male heart, even in places where I wouldn’t have expected myself to feel that way.Was there any character in the movie who didn’t express some form of racial stereotype or was it the job of every one of them to show us racism? Maybe I’ll have to watch it again. I do know one thing. Even though I don’t think of myself as racist, I certainly am familiar with all those stereotypes. Does just knowing the patterns make us racists?


  5. >check out hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.. very entertaining stuff.


  6. >I think your hope for a lot of Michael Vartan screen time got the best of your in your decision to rent “Monster-in-Law.” Did you think that two divas like Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda would let him have more than a cameo?


  7. >Yes Johnny Depp is an outstanding actor, and I LOVED him in Pirates. I do not hold his political views against him. I think it’s funny how people like him or Gwyneth Paltrow can be anti-american culture but they milk that culture for all its worth and get paid millions for their movies. I definately need to see Hotel Rwanda but I’ve been putting if off because I know how much it will affect me especially since my visit to Africa. I want to see The Constant Gardner simply because I love Rachel Weisz, but I have a hard time watching movies with that kind of political message. In Crash there was not one single major character that did not exhibit some kind of racism, and knowing ABOUT those stereotypes does not make one a racist. Wait, I forget if the Mexican locksmith exhibited racism or not. And the latino housekeeper did not, but she didn’t say much at all. I don’t think the Iranian daughter/doctor did either. Although she certainly had it out with the nasty gun clerk. Believing those stereotypes and jumping to make judgements about someone based on them does. Yes, I was totally hoping for more Michael Vartan screentime. What the HELL was Jennifer Garner thinking, trading him in for BEN!


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