>What happened to the 3 hour naps?


A friend once told me that when her toddler switched from two naps a day to only one nap right after lunch, that nap got longer. She claimed he usually slept 2 to 3 hours. Today I decided to try moving Nathan to an after lunch nap, mostly because I wanted to go shopping with a friend and have lunch at the mall. Most mornings he starts yawning around 9:30 and is really ready for a nap by 10:30. Today I kept him up at the mall till 1:00, and he was sleepy but great. I figured he’d pass out in the car, but I managed to keep him awake until the block before our house. He was out cold when I carried him to his crib but when I put him down he woke up a bit. I left figuring he’d drift back off to dream land. He instead decided it was playtime. He stood up and I could hear him giggling and playing. Then he sat down and cried a little. When I checked on him I saw he had thrown all his stuffed animals out of the crib. It took him over half an hour to fall asleep. I got to work and barely got two phone calls in when he woke up again after just over an hour, hysterical. What happened to a nice LONG nap? He shouldn’t have been too hungry, but he was screaming for a bottle. Oh well, that was enough work for today anyhow. Need a taste of Nathan cuteness? Here’s another flickr show.


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  1. >My LB did that at first. It took him a couple of days to get used to the new sched., but finally did. Both boys will sleep 2.5-3 hours each afternoon. I also found that they worked better with a mini-meal/snack before the nap starting about noon, then another mini-meal when they wake. Good luck!


  2. >Your friend was totally setting you up.


  3. >Yeah, your friends LIES LIKE A RUG!We’re down to one nap a day and two hours is a pipe dream…usually 1.5 hours…sucky…not enough blogging addition time!!!


  4. >Must have two naps until she turns 18. That’s the house rules.Nate looks so sweet.


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