>Overcome by the cuteness


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Yesterday I went to a giant kids consignment sale that I saw advertised on a flyer called the Smart Moms Sale. They are super smart, let me tell you. They have a really nice website at http://www.smartmomssale.com, and they rent out a firehall twice a year to hold these gigantic sales. The gets moms to consign clothes and to volunteer a couple hours to work the sale and these moms get to shop before the public on Friday night. Now, I’ve been shopping for fall and winter for Nathan for the past couple months, plus he got lots of nice clothes for his birthday, so the kid is in no need of clothes. But I couldn’t resist! Who can pass up hardly used adorable outfits for only a couple bucks each? And the SHOES! I’ve been so frustrated that kids shoes are so expensive but I found several nice pair for really cheap. They had everything there, a billion strollers, clothes galore, carseats, cribs, you name it. Nathan’s closet is busting at the seams from his fall and winter wardrobe that we haven’t even started wearing yet because it’s still shorts weather. All his shorts are too small! Just wait till you see all the pictures to come of my little fashion plate. Oh I’d be so much worse if I had a girl!


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  1. >Heh heh. Yes, you would. I have to avert my eyes to the adorable outfits. Her closet is busting at the seams.We have something like that called Just Between Friends. I’ve never been, but have been dying to go. One day, when the closet finally thins out. Sheesh. Not fair.


  2. >OHG, I had to shield my eyes from the cute pic! I’m sooo looking forward to the girly stuff. But I have to say, I do enjoy the challenge of finding cute (non-sports themed) appropriate boys’ wear. Now if I could only keep them in shoes and pjs that fit….*sigh*We have a mothers of multiples sale that’s similar, and i always come out great!


  3. >What a honey boy. So cute. And yes, it is worse with a girl. After two boys, I could just throw myself on the floor of the mall when I pass by these adorable dresses with belted sweaters and patchwork knee high boots – IN SIZE 18 months! Love the second hand stores. You get the quality with out the price.


  4. >I am going to our super smart mom sale this weekend. I am even putting some stuff in this time. I look forward to shopping and adding more stuff to my kids already bursting closet


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