>Adventures in Yoga

>As I have mentioned before, this summer my family joined the local YMCA and ever since I have been on a fitness craze. I started by going to the gym every morning, doing about 15 minutes of weight lifting and then 30 minutes of cardio, mixing it up on the treadmill, the eliptical, the rowing machine, recumbant bike, and arc trainers. That was great and after a couple months I have seen good results, dropping three pants sizes but almost no pounds. My trainer keeps telling me to toss the scale because I’m building muscle and muscle weighs fives times as much as fat, yada, yada. I did get serious about watching what I ate for a couple weeks but I admit I have slacked off a bit and have started to indulge my sugar and french fries addictions again. It’s gotta stop, I know. Anyway a few weeks ago a new fall session of exercise classes started at the Y and I got really ambitious and signed up for yoga on Monday mornings, Pilates on Wednesday nights, and an aerobics type class Saturday mornings. Yoga is the most fun, and very challenging. The first week she tried to get us to do the Crow Pose that looks like this:

Most of the ladies in the class managed to get up off their feet for at least a few seconds after several tries…except me. I went home and practiced and practiced and I still can’t do it! ARGH!

Pilates class is not too bad. Most exercises are very doable for me, except the ones that work the outer thighs and hip flexors. I get nasty cramps doing those.

The first week of my cardio class was nice, with some good low impact aerobics and intervals with resistance tubes, followed by some ab work. This week, on the other hand, was sheer torture. It was very high impact cardio for over 30 minutes, then mat work and weight lifting. I could barely keep up. A million jumping jacks, running laps, and jumping rope, and squats and lunges galore. At one point I seriously thought I was gonna pass out so I had to take a break. Yesterday I could barely move and still today my thighs are super tight.

Anyway I missed last week’s yoga class because I was really sick, and this morning I felt totally inept again. She taught us the Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) and tried to get us to hold our bellies in tight and use our pelvic floor muscles. This was nigh impossible for me. Maybe it’s from having a baby by C-section, or maybe it’s just that I’m psyching myself out. It looks like this.

Looks easy enough, right? WRONG! Well I must practice, practice, practice! And quit eating candy corn and french fries.

P.S. Congrats to ieatcrayonz, who has lost 30 lbs in the past few months!


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  1. >I almost cracked my head open doing crow pose, and I’ve been practicing yoga for about three years now. It’s fricking hard, dude! Four-limbed staff pose is a killer too. Fight the urge to be competitive with the other ladies in your class (it’s hard, I know), and ask The OhReally Factor (trained yoga instructor) if you want suggestions.


  2. >ORF just told me something like, be patient, keep at it, yada yada. Anyway, I can’t seem to get up off the ground in crow at all. My knees won’t rest neatly on my triceps because it seems my triceps are muscular little bumps. My instructor keeps going on and on about how both these poses are all about balance and have nothing to do with arm strength.


  3. >Heh heh. I’m such a cheater. You humble me. When you start off way big, it’s a lot easier to see a big change. I’ve gone down one size and you’ve gone down 3!!!! Trade you in a heartbeat.Those poses look nothing like my Rodney Yee videos.


  4. >Cut yourself some slack–those poses are hard. I’ve been doing yoga a few years, and I still have trouble holding crow pose for more than a few seconds, and my chaturanga still needs work (it is a hell of a lot easier to do this pose wrong than to do it right). I agree with AT and ORF’s advice. Keep it up! I feel like yoga becomes more rewarding the longer I do it.Congrats on getting into shape!


  5. >love the Rodney Yee, crayonz! I have tried the crow before, too MM, and found it really hard. I had to kind of jump up onto my elbows and it only lasted about four seconds. I guess practice will make perfect. I am just not one for practicing…. But good for you for getting into the classes! Keep us posted!


  6. >Wow thanks for all the encouragement guys! I might have to check out those Rodney Yee videos. I have a Denise Austin Pilates/Yoga video I like, but it is way easier than my yoga class. Actually the pilates in the video does seem to go at a faster pace than my pilates class though, and I sweat more with the video. Oh yeah and crayonz…I must admit that the first dress size I shrunk was due to my pregnancy, believe it or not. I ate such tiny portions for 9 months that I only gained 10 pounds and quickly shed 30 after the birth. Nursing helped that too.


  7. >OMG! You only gained 10 lbs during pg? I am amazed! The crow pose for any length has eluded me for many years. Once when I got really ambitious I signed up for spinning…..made it through, but felt like I’d been gang-raped the next day. Never went back.I’ll stick to the various machines and plain old running. Congrats on your great progess.


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