>New Day Rising

>Today was the first day of Nathan going to his new home daycare lady/baby-sitter’s house. I hesitate to call her HDL because she really isn’t running a daycare, she isn’t licensed or anything. She just watches a few kids every morning. The older three, including her son, are in Kindergarten and she puts them on the bus every day at 1. They pretty much entertain themselves. She also is watching one other baby girl Nathan’s age temporarily in the mornings. A friend of a friend recommended her. She’s super nice and has a big gorgeous house not far away. She’s raised four grown boys and has one 5 year old boy. I’m not sure the deal with that. And she’s super duper cheap. I just have to bring the food, diapers, drinks, and leave Nathan’s pack-n-play for a morning nap. So I figured I’d give her a try at least until Nathan learns to walk and gets into the super nice daycare center he’s on the list for. I’m just taking him over to her Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

It was kinda weird this morning, getting up and out before even having breakfast. It was a little sad leaving him, but I knew he’d be fine and I needed to get more uninterrupted work done. Namely phone calls that are hard to do when he’s around. My boss has said he is perfectly happy with what I’ve been doing, but I feel an obligation to put in at least my 20 hours a week no matter how much I accomplish. That’s tough to do when the kiddo only sleeps an hour or two a day. It’s so fun and yet so hard to watch my little baby grow up and move on to new phases in his little life.

When I picked him up at noon he didn’t give me the big smile or start his little fussing he does when I pick him up from the gym nursery. He just reached a little for me and I gladly held him. He looked so tired and didn’t say a word. HDL said he was an angel, and she claims he napped from 10-11 but I have my doubts it was really that long, if at all. My guess is he just played quietly for most of that time, because he has been very tired but happy and sweet all afternoon. I got more work done in those four hours than I’ve done in weeks. It was kinda weird with the house being so quiet and my not having to tiptoe around not flush the toilet while the kid naps. I didn’t even have to scold the dog for barking. I didn’t jump when the phone rang. I didn’t even blog…much. And I felt so free the rest of the afternoon to play with Nathan and just enjoy him, not worrying about work. Now he’s napping and I can work AND blog without guilt! To top it all off, it’s the most beautiful fall day here, blue sky, 78 degrees and a nice breeze.


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  1. >just dropping byInteresting you said:My boss has said he is perfectly happy with what I’ve been doing, but I feel an obligation to put in at least my 20 hours a week.You are amazingly conscientious. I hope you are getting the recognition you deserve for your dedication.


  2. >Ack!! Blog spam!!! Guess I have to turn on the word verification. Sorry folks.


  3. >I hope the kid adjusts to the new babysitter. It is always tough.


  4. >Glad day one went well. Hope it continues. I love uninterrupted work time!


  5. >Best regards from NY! » »


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