>Meet the Gosselins


So I turned on the TV at noon today while I was giving Nathan a bottle and Martha Stewart had Jennifer Garner on. I hate Martha but I like Jen, so I watched a bit. I was about to change the channel when suddenly I saw some familiar faces sitting next to Martha. It was the Gosselins, friends of a friend of mine who live in my old hometown and go to a church I visited a few times. They were on Martha because just over a year ago they had sextuplets. Yes, six babies that joined their twin older sisters who were then 3. I know, it’s nuts. They lived in a tiny three bedroom house and when Jon’s company found out they were having the sextuplets they “downsized” him in order to avoid the health insurance bills. Nice, eh? She was a nurse at the local hospital (where Nate was born!) so she had pretty good insurance. He found another job and of course they got a ton of help. Now the babies are almost 18 months old and they are so cute. They showed a video on Martha about Kate’s day, and how super organized she is. She has them on a strict schedule and she gets a full night’s sleep every night. Since we moved last Christmas I had lost touch with some friends and had forgotten all about the Gosselins until today. Looks like they’re doing pretty well. Check out their website for TONS of adorable photos!! http://www.sixgosselins.com/Photos/

7 responses to this post.

  1. >Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Holy crap! I guess it would be kind of un-PC to adopt out a couple of them, huh? It just looks so tiring. You know, cause I can barely cope with one.God bless those that helped out this family. I wish I knew what company Jon used to work for so I can boycott it for the rest of my life. Evil, evil corporation.


  2. >W.H.O.A.Can’t Even Imagine. But good for them!


  3. >Wow. What a way to grow a family.~Jason


  4. >Three letters… WOW!


  5. >I happened to catch that ep of Marth a on TLC last night. I love Jennifer Garner, she’s so cute. When they got to the baby food making part, I switched off – been there, done that.Wow I cannot imagine 6 babies. If I was the husband I would have so sued the former employer. A**Holes.


  6. >That is unbelievable god bless those people!


  7. >O. M. G.Good for her, but holy smokes would I be committed so fast it would make my head spin!!!


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