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It’s official, the cold weather is here. I’m very excited because now I get to show off the TON of fall/winter clothes I bought Nathan in the past couple months. His closet is BURSTING with cute playclothes and dress clothes and jackets. Things I picked up at multiple consignment shops and sales, and new outfits he got for his birthday. I even broke down and bought him a brand new pair of Stride Rite’s, seen here, because I couldn’t find a decent cheaper shoe that would go with everything, go on and off easily, and fit him more than a month. I can’t believe I spend $50 on a pair of pint-sized SHOES for him, when I don’t even spend that much on my own shoes.

Speaking of my shoes, I’ve been a total shopaholic in the past couple weeks. Mike’s been out of town a lot, so I like to spend time at the mall to avoid feeling like a hermit. Plus I’ve had plenty of excuses for shopping; a rock concert this Thurs, a rehersal dinner Fri, a wedding Sat, and a five day business conference later this month requiring suits, comfy shoes, and evening wear for entertaining. So I bought a jean skirt (actually two) and black knee-high boots for the rock concert, three formal/cocktail dresses, a new suit, and two camisoles for under my suits. Oh and two pairs of utterly useless but adorable shoes for $10 each (end of season clearance). Hey, one pair were Tommy Hilfiger sandals which will be great next year! Anyway my husband won’t be thrilled with all my shopping, but I got really good deals! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my great buys for Nathan and me in the coming weeks.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Okay.. what is the deal with you guys and shoes???? I don’t get it.PS. Where have you been?


  2. >I love shoes. A lot. A WHOLE LOT. See previous posts, especially the one with the picture of all my shoes. Your shoe size never changes even when your clothes size does. What do you mean where have I been? Not posting enough or not commenting on your blog enough? P.S. I forgot to ask you how the David Gray concert was. I love him.


  3. >Just stay away from my wife. She’s bad enough without having someone around to enable her shopping addiction.The other day she came home with a ton of baby clothes. I was exasperated. She just kept pulling em out, like they were clowns out of a car.


  4. >At least I buy most of my baby clothes second hand. I can’t resist!


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