>Nathan Update


Why do you dress me like this?
My husband is annoyed that I’m even thinking about planning the arrival of our next kid so it doesn’t interfere with WEFTEC like it did last year. But why not? I especially don’t want to miss Dallas next October! I love Texas and I hope to move there someday. I spent lots of time in Dallas calling on engineers and the state chapter of WEF has a thriving young professionals group. I have an aunt and uncle there that would certainly love to hang out with Nathan. Dallas and Boston are my unofficial homes away from home. WEFTEC 2007 in San Diego maybe I can skip, but if my next kid is at least 6 months old I may not have to. We’ll see.

Anyway here’s a few new pictures of Nathan. He now loves playing with Pepper more than ever, chasing her around and playing tug-o-war with her stuffed toys.

Go on, try to take that elephant from me!
He laughs a lot and smiles almost constantly. He talks quite a bit, but not with clear words. They obviously mean something to him, but not to us. He yells “MAMA!” and “ADA!” all the time. He likes to crawl into the dark powder room and close the door behind him, then yell. Not cry, yell. He has recently started doing something that looks like dancing when music comes on in a TV commercial.

I can make this thing play music!
His favorite thing in the whole world seems to be pushing buttons, especially pulling up to the TV and turning it on and off. I bought him a fake cell phone and a game with lots of buttons in hopes of deterring him from the TV and the phone and the remote, but it hasn’t worked yet.

This has lots of buttons that make funny noises!
He STILL can’t walk but stands tall and cruises easily. He crawls very fast. He loves playing with other kids but is a bit clingy to me when new adults want to hold him. Since my absence he runs to dad more than me for playtime and he clearly prefers for dad to read him his bedtime book, Goodnight Moon. In ten days he will be 14 months old. Whew!

3 responses to this post.

  1. >Nathan is adorable, but I think I may now know Pepper better than I need to thanks to the angle from which she was photographed.


  2. >Very cute kid. Tv On. TV off.On. OFF. I know the feeling.


  3. >He really is a handsome boy. LOve the outfit.


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