>My Infamous Sister

>I just heard my little sis giving a live radio interview with some conservative talk show guys in Richmond. Thank God for internet radio! She was very impressive, calm, clear, and thoughtful. That’s her job, she’s the head of a well known lobbyist organization in Virgina. They tried to trap her into endorsing a candidate but because her group is non-profit they are also non-partisan. Yeah…right. She did very well in making it clear who they support without saying it. She’s only the second most hated person in Virginia according to homosexual advocate groups. The first is some legislator.

I met Jerry Kilgore, Republican candidate for Governor, once at a dinner she had. He goes to her church and her husband works for him in the Attorney General’s office. He seemed very nice. I’m afraid it doesn’t look good for him though. I also had dinner with George Allen, US Senator from VA who will be running for President in 2008, and I didn’t like him at ALL. Reminded me of a used car salesman.

I also saw my sister standing behind President Bush at the Kilgore/Bush rally in Richmond last night. Here’s a funny bit; she got “Distinguished VIP” status which put her right up on the stage at the rally. Her husband, who as I mentioned actually works for Kilgore, only got regular “VIP” status and had to sit in some bleachers off of the stage. He wasn’t too jealous or anything!


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  1. >The lives of lobbyists are so interesting. My Uncle used to be the CEO of NAM and my aunt is the chief lobbyist in Washington, DC for a well-known tire manufacturer. Oh, the stories!!!


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