>Bad Dreams

>I had a very vivid dream last night that I flipped on the TV only to catch the end of the Penn State Michigan State matchup. I was shocked because here it was a Wednesday night and I thought there were two weeks yet before they were to play. The game was a night game in the pouring down rain in Lansing, and my heart sank when I saw the final score of 55-3, Michigan State. All my hopes and dreams of a top five finish were dashed. Penn State plummeted to number 23 or something. It seemed so real I almost forgot it was a dream until just now. I hope I’m not clairvoyant or anything.

Nathan and Pepper would be devestated as well.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Your baby is very cute, but judging from that pic of him in his Nittany Lions suit, I wouldn’t want to tussle with him about Penn’s primacy…


  2. >These pictures are all pretty old. Unfortunately he does not have any Penn State clothes currently. I haven’t found anything cute. Yeah he can be mean when he wants to be. But mostly he’s a pretty happy guy.


  3. >Funny, my cousins in PA used to dress their kids up like that but in Cleveland teams… weird.


  4. >Ah, but we Michigan State fans would be delighted!!! hehe.


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