>So Donovan McNabb choked YET AGAIN last night against the Cowboys. This was a crucially important game for the Eagles to win, in an effort to make the playoffs and put to bed the T.O. controversy which has dominated the sports news the past couple weeks. The Eagles as a team were pulling it together, with guys like Dawkins and Westbrook playing their hearts out and dominating the Cowboys. But in the last couple minutes of the game, Donovan handed Dallas an interception that lost the game for Philly, 21-20. He’s the ultimate choke artist. We’ve seen it in the NFC chamionship game several times. We saw it in the Superbowl. He’s a decent quarterback, but when the chips are down he can’t get it done.

I like McNabb, I think he’s a standup guy. He’s funny and mature and a good leader except for the choking. I think T.O. is a total egocentric nutjob and he needed to be kicked to the curb. No way do I want him back. People in this town say “Ya gotta bring T.O. back because it’s all about winning and he gets it done on the field.” I say you need a team unit to win games and T.O. would only destroy the rest of the team and make Donovan look even worse. Go play for the Raiders. Go play for the Cowboys. Get outta Philly and let us get back to the business at hand.


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  1. >You hear McDonalds has a new hamburger? It’s called the “McNabb”. The cashier throws it either at your feet or to the guy in line behind you. The warning label on the side of the package says “may result in choking 99% of the time.”


  2. >Is this a good time to tell you that I have always been a HUGE Cowboy fan??


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