>Happy Birthday To Me


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I woke up on this, the morning of my 29th birthday (which I am celebrating for the second year in a row) to see my husband carrying my adorable son into my bedroom. Nathan was holding a big purple card and reached right out to hand it to me. It was a card from Nathan about how I was the coolest mom around. How could that not make me smile?

It is a dreary rainy day on which I don’t plan on leaving the house. My usual babysitter is on vacation so I have to try to get the piles of work on my desk done while keeping the busy toddler happy. Today is a sweatpants and no makeup day. Not at all how I would have liked to spend such a momentous occasion. We probably won’t even go out to dinner because I have a yoga class at 7 with a new instructor I would like to meet. I could skip it if I had adequate motivation, but alas, I do not. My best friend blew off spending the holiday (and our celebratory drinks) at home, instead opting to stay at school with her new boyfriend and study. My mom is super busy planning a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody else except my husband even knows what today is.

Except my old boss. Last year this time was our first day in court in the trial of the century (well, for me anyway). My former boss and close friend was sitting in the front row behind the plantiff’s table and I was sitting in the front behind the defendant’s table. I glanced over and he smiled and mouthed the words “Happy Birthday” to me. I gave him a puzzled look and smiled back. Later in the hall he whispered to me “it is today isn’t it?” and I nodded. Crazy.


Update: I just noticed that my profile now says I’m 30. ACK! I think I made need to start lying about the year I was born. I can’t possibly be 30. That sounds so grown up. I wish my 30th was as good as Mighty Girl’s.


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  1. >Happy Birthday Mainline Mom!!! 🙂 I hope that your day is as enjoyable as I find your blog to be.


  2. >Aww that’s so sweet. Thanks Meegs!


  3. >Happy 2nd Annual 29th birthday!May you have many many more 29th birthdays.


  4. >Happy birthday. Enjoy it.


  5. >Happy birthday from one local to another! Enjoy your yoga class tonight. Too bad the new Iron Hill in P-ville isn’t ready for business yet. That would be fun, huh?!? (I’m in Limerick, by the way)


  6. >Yeah that would be awesome if it were. Looks like they just finished pouring the foundation and are getting ready to pour the concrete that will make the first floor. I don’t know when opening is slated for, but I’m watching every day!We’re neighbors!


  7. >You don’t look a day over 29 ! Joyeux Anniversaire! 😉


  8. >Your son is adorable! And, even though this is my first visit to your blog, I’ll say Happy Birthday! :D(I found your blog through 40 faces)


  9. >Did I make it? Did I make it?Happy 29th forever birthday, girl. Yeah, your old boss was totally out of line with the Happy Birthday in court. What the heck could be happy about that?!?!


  10. >I’ve been 29 for years now. At least you always have Mike being WAY older than you are.


  11. >Yeah isn’t that great? Mike was always two years older than me and now since I’m staying 29 he’s three years older than me! No, you didn’t miss it Yonz. Thanks!


  12. >Happy twenty-ten it sounds better! Hope you had a great day!


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