>I have entered the 21st century

>With the exception of my mad blogging skillz, I have been rather technologically challenged the past few years. I still have no way of capturing digital video of my toddler for posting on this here blog. I own a Palm Pilot, but never made good use of it and now it is collecting dust. My eyes turned green as I saw all the cool people at the gym with their white earphones enjoying their iPods. I drooled as I read other blogs about the saavy cityfolk listening to their iPods on the subway every day. I moaned when my friend told me how great his iPod is for plane travel.

Finally, for my uhh…2nd annual 29th birthday, I received a 4 GB iPod nano. It is SOOO tiny! It sucked the songs off my PC sooo fast. I took it to the gym this morning and I felt like I was dripping with coolness instead of sweat. (I’m sure that feeling will wear off soon) SO happy. Thanks hubby!

On a side note, I have discovered a cool site called Forty Faces, where everytime I make a new post to my blog, like this one, my face will show up among other active bloggers. Kinda cool, huh? Go check me out!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. >I just got an ipod nano from the hubs a few weeks ago as an early gift. I love it and put a really cool skin on it. So now it is super cool and you can distinquish whos is who. If you go in my archives there is a link for it. If you want the link just let me know and I willsend it to you. Oh and they are super cheap!


  2. >Welcome to 2005!


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