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>The snow was so bad in Richmond last night that my babysitter didn’t make it. But my sister’s neighbors have a toddler Nathan’s age and they kept him. He had more toys than God so I’m sure Nathan was happier there anyway. Then one of them brought him back over to V’s house for bedtime and stayed there till I got home.

I barely made it to the gala and back in one piece. Those Southerners don’t know how to deal with snow and the roads were baaaaad. Fortunately I could park in a garage right outside the door to the convention center where her event was, but I still wore my snowshoes and carried my high heels. I checked my snowshoes with my coat! My sister was expecting about 700 and I think she might have had 500 show. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to disclose how much money they got verses how much they hoped to get. Anyway it was a pretty nice dinner, with a great singer and good speeches. It’s hard to believe my baby sister is the #1 in charge of all that, and everybody knows and respects her.

V sat right next to Sen. George Allen and re-introduced him to me. He promptly asked me about how we’re going to get Sen. Santorum re-elected in PA. I told him we were worried because our governer, Democrate Ed Rendell, is up for re-election the same year which may make for higher Democrat voter turnout. Rendell is pretty popular. So George Allen asks me who I think will be the Republican nominee for Governer. I was kind of caught offgaurd, but I said “They say Lynn Swan is going to get the nomination” to which he said “I have a particular affinity for him.” I think he was referring to the football connection. Lynn Swann, in case you don’t know, is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who announces for ABC sports now. George Allen’s father was a Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach. He comes from a big football family. I guess he played quarterback for UVa. I replied “Well I would guess that you do!” The conversation continued a bit from there, but I still couldn’t believe Sen. Allen quizzed me. What if I had been totally clueless? I guess he must’ve assumed I’m just like my sister, a political dynamo.

Well I’m nothing like my sister. We got completely different genes. Some lady at my table guessed that I was her sister, saying that some of my expressions were like hers, but that probably has more to do with the fact that we’re both yankees and she’s surrounded by people who think the Civil War was called the War of Northern Agression. V is type A, I am type B. V is skinny, I am NOT. V is a workaholic, I am not. Neatness is not a priority of hers. She is passionate and emotional. She’s into politics, philosophy, and law…I’m into math, science, computers, and music. She has very expensive taste but makes a non-profit salary. I make plenty of money but am far to practical to part with it. We both love clothes, but she does not share my love of shoes. In fact, for the third or fourth time I have gone to a formal event with her, she has worn bad shoes. I must do something about that.


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  1. >You guys and your snow! You need to move .. like to Canada! 😉


  2. >Have you ever noticed that the majority of former professional athletes that get into politics are Republican. I don’t have a list or any statistics, but I can think of dozens on the Rep. side and Bill Bradley for the Dems. I don’t know if we can count Jesse “the body” Ventura. I think the reason for that is in order to make it as a professional athlete, for the most part, you have to have a great sence of teamwork, a work ethic second to none, have a strong family background for support, and have great respect for things past (those who played before them) and not want to redefine the past or radically change the future of the game. A lot of times they also know that their physical gifts come from God and they owe Him the glory. There are other traits as well, but they tend to a more conservative and Republican way of thinking.


  3. >Are you sure Lynn Swan is in the Hall of Fame?


  4. >Look it up. According to his website he was inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame in 2001. Good point about the Republican pro athletes. Unfortunately I can’t think of that many. All those traits you mentioned are ones that T.O. doesn’t have and why he didn’t make it as an Eagle.


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