>Stuff Portrait Friday – Stuck on You

>Today’s assignment from Kristine was:
1. your tattoo or birthmark
2. your bumper sticker
3. something you keep changing

Well I don’t have any tattoos or birthmarks. The closest thing I have is a ton of freckles and a few small moles. I have had a few moles removed but I have one that refuses to go away. It was cut out when I was in Kindergarten, and then again when I was in high school. It keeps growing back. It is faint now, but still there. Look at the picture below and you will see a faint dark spot under the right side of my lip. I had makeup on in this photo, but I can never completely cover it.

Secondly, I would never put a bumper sticker on my beautiful car! But if I were, it might be something like this:

Now for something I am constantly changing. I chose the obvious, probably the most popular among women, my hair. In the past ten years I have been brunette, blonde, and red. My hair has been very long and pretty short and everywhere in between. I don’t believe in wearing it the same way two days in a row. I can wear it very curly and very straight. I wear it up, down, and half up half down. With bangs and without. Here’s just a sampling:


14 responses to this post.

  1. >Ah yes…the hair.


  2. >happy spfI change my hair a lot too.


  3. >Another conservative!WOOHOO! 🙂


  4. >Holy crap, that is a lot of changed hair. LOL


  5. >I like your hair 3rd from the left on the top the best. I’m sure you can sleep much better now 🙂


  6. >I like Hair #7


  7. >Funny… we must have grown up going exactly to the same hairdresser 🙂


  8. >Thank you so much Charlotte and spikey1! I know this is totally shallow, but I value spikey’s opinion the most cuz…well…he’s a guy! So you like the bangs, eh spikey?


  9. >wow…those are some seriously different hair pics. I’m impressed! I can’t seem to change that dramatically… it always comes back to the same old thing. lol


  10. >Hair, of course! That was my obvious choice as well. Only my hairstlye hasn’t changed much in the last decade, but the color does! I played, too.


  11. >I like the 6th picture!!


  12. >You value my opinion??? LOL omg, you are in trouble!


  13. >spikey – Not on everything, just on appearance kinda things!! And only because you’re a member of the opposite sex!


  14. >Y’know, I’ve been getting the same haircut for like 14 years. (Buzz cut.)


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