>Peas On Earth

>Feeding toddlers a balanced diet of nutricious foods with plenty of protein, vitamins, and grains is a tough thing to do. They can’t chew everything we can, and they haven’t yet developed a wide range of tastes or an appreciation of delicacies. Virtually as soon as Nathan was able to pick up pieces of food and chew them up, I became too lazy to spoonfeed him jar babyfood anymore. He didn’t really want it anymore either. But jar babyfood used to be easiest way to make sure the kid got plenty of meats and veggies. Now and lunch or dinner, I have to put about a half dozen foods in front of him and see which ones he’ll injest that day. I don’t give him control, as many parents do, and feed him the single food he likes over and over. He would probably live on french fries if that were the case. I try to provide variety, but it’s tough. They say if you put a variety of foods in front of them, kids will eat a balanced diet on their own. If that’s true, it only proves that we don’t need very much meat. One day Nathan will devour chicken nuggets like they are going out of style, the next day only one nugget will be satisfactory. You can see from the picture of his growth, the kid is NOT starving.

Anyway yesterday at lunch I determined he needed more veggies, so I opened a can of peas, dumped them into a tupperware container, and warmed them up a bit. Nathan likes peas, but I don’t, so I don’t open new cans very often. I figure keeping it in tupperware would provide peas for several kid meals over the next few days. I spooned out a few spoonfuls onto his tray along with his crackers and turkey and he slowly but happily ate those. He refused to touch the turkey. I left him for a minute to go check my email and set the bowl of peas on the table. I thought he was almost finished with his lunch.

Next thing I know, from the other room I heard what sounded like silverware hit the floor. Very confused, because I don’t give Nathan silverware yet, I went to see what it was. I remembered the spoon had been in the bowl of peas on the table, and he must have reached over to grab it. I was stunned to find this:

What? I wanted more peas!

Nathan had moved the entire bowl of peas from the table to his tray, (without spilling it!) and was digging in heartily. He ended up consuming 2/3 of the large can of peas. I should have known, he wanted to eat from the bowl, not just small spoonfuls placed on his tray. Why do kids want to grow up so fast?

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  1. >Im bored… We never gave Aidan baby food out of a jar. Always fed him mushed up veggies and what not. Our freezer was packed with pre-made food. We also did the same with placing a variety of things in front of him and just let him figure it out himself. Today, whatever dinner is, that is what he gets. None of this making his own meals. Yes, nuggets will become part of his meal but hey, let him live. If you are healthy, your kids will be healthy.Now after all those peas… the next diaper must have been nice!Look at me all Mr. Know it all!Cheers,


  2. >I’m not bored, I’m procrastinating. I should be doing real work, but I’m addicted to blogging. We try to give him whatever we are eating, but he won’t eat pizza yet, or sandwiches, or steak. His diapers are all disgusting! The worst is the mandarin oranges. At least the peas don’t come out intact. That’s ok, you can be Mr. Know it all, because I sure as heck am Ms. Know it all.


  3. >Whoops on the Mandarin Oranges… I emergency babysat for my nephew a few weeks ago, and as he was arriving straight from the babysitter I put an assortment of food out for him.He ate not one, but TWO cans of the Mandarin Oranges (in addition to the 3 hot dogs and a small side of Mac N Cheese). And then he was pointing at his empty bowls of food demanding “More!”!!!!!!!But, I did not know that Mandarin Oranges could create a terrible diaper. My poor sister. (secretly I’m laughing inside).Ahhhh the benefits of being an Aunt, I can spoil him rotten.


  4. >Holy cow Alisa that’s a lot of food for a little kid! Yeah mandarin oranges come out in little recognizable bits that stick to his butt, rather than one homogenous mixture.


  5. >We buy the frozen peas and only nuke enough in water for one serving, because Max would do the same thing as Nathan. I am so sorry I forgot to include you on my list to Santa. I will link you onthere soon. Seriously I knew I forgot people. Sorry.


  6. >Thats great! At least he likes peas :)not too many kids do!


  7. >quick math:2/3 can of peas + developing digestive tract = loads of green poop.merry christmas!


  8. >I love the title.Those little buggers are getting fast, aren’t they? I don’t know what’s worse: not being able to find my car keys or not being able to find that sippy cup of milk hidden somewhere in the house.


  9. >Great expression on his face. What a clever, clever cutie.


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