>A Visit From Santa Claus


Yesterday Santa Claus came through our neighborhood and stopped at our house to say hello to Nathan. He was sitting in a “sleigh” pulled by a fire company SUV. Mike climbed up into the sleigh and started to hand Nathan to Santa, but he clung to his Dad for dear life. So Santa wished him well and gave him a tangerine. What happened to the candy canes?! I think the most exciting part of Santa’s visit for Nathan was the big fire truck with lights and sirens that went ahead of the “sleigh” to announce Santa’s impending arrival.

Get away from me you big red freak!


3 responses to this post.

  1. >What, Santa makes house calls now?


  2. >Is that grass? Where is your snow???


  3. >Yonzie- Yeah, I forgot they don’t do that everywhere. Maybe it’s a northeast thing, maybe just Philly…I dunno. The local fire companies around here all do it. Growing up Santa always showed up one Sat or Sun afternoon on a fire truck to hand out candy canes. It was pretty cool. Spikey – yes, can you believe it?! We had a rain and some sun and our tons of snow all melted away except for the ugly patch here and there. No white Xmas for us! 😦


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