>Mischeivous Little Imp


Look at that face. Can’t you just see the wheels turning behind those blue eyes? Nathan’s new favorite game is to take his drumsticks and slide them under the door to the basement, just far enough that he can’t get them back, but he can still see them. Then he hollars and points till I go and get them out. If I give them back to him he does it again.

He also likes to take small balls and hide them under the couch or under our liquor cabinet. If he hides the yellow foam golf balls that Pepper thinks she has a right to, Pepper barks ceaselessly at them until I retrieve them for her. This is annoying.

Additionally to annoy me, Santa Clause (me) got Nathan a large remote control car for Christmas. Nathan can’t figure out how to work the remote, so he brings it over to me all the time to make it run around the kitchen, banging into my baseboards. Well it seems that car is haunted. Sometimes when Nathan is sleeping or at daycare, and the remote control is safely put away in the tox box or up on the counter, the car starts moving all on it’s own. It always startles the you-know-what out of me, but I never seem to remember to turn the car completely off when it’s not in use. I can be deep in thought calculating the standard cubic feet of air required to nitrify 45 lbs of ammonia, when all of the sudden from the kitchen I hear “Vroom vroom!!!!”


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  1. >Let me tell you it only gets worse. Ethan has been hiding things for a while now and the frequency is growing. He hides everything and then asks us where it is. He will ask and ask until we ask him back and then he goes and pulls it out from where he hid the toy, or the keys, or the remote… But he hides so many things throughout the day, that I think he forgets where some of them are sometimes. So he never has his whole Thomas the train or Jay Jay the jet plane set together at once.Keep in mind young jedi that you must always remember to thwart the toilet, THWART THE TOILET!


  2. >Darn that Santa!Too funny he is already torturing Mama and the dog!


  3. >Hey blogawakening, I think I need an Ethan fix. I want to see in person how adorable that kid is nowadays. Maybe he could teach Nate a thing or two. I don’t understand the toilet thing.


  4. >The remote control car is funny. We got one for our kid and it does the same thing. It going on by itself is a built in feature with most kids toys, to let you know to turn it off to save the battery life.


  5. >Or to remind the kid to play with it!


  6. >Ummm, why would you be deep in thought calculating the standard cubic feet of air required to nitrify 45 lbs of ammonia???


  7. >Because that’s my JOB. Designing how to remove ammonia (and other stuff) from sewage in order to prevent receiving water pollution.


  8. >Yeah, Santa made those same mistakes when the teenager was little. After a couple of those screw-ups, he learned his lesson!! teeheeheeThat’s when the family started buying the annoying toys! 😉


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