>Toddler Behavior


Originally uploaded by Pooqueen.

I have the best behaved 15 month old in the world. I really do. But his recent launch with both feet into toddlerhood drives me a little nuts sometimes. With the walking also came the characteristic “can-do” attitude, and many new frustrations. He can’t be distracted away from his pursuits as easily anymore. There is MUCH incoherant jabbering and gesturing. This morning he started pointing and shouting at the diaper bag, so I set it on the floor for him to look through. Then suddenly he grabbed the buttons on my coat which was hanging over a kitchen chair. More whining and gesturing ensued. I think he may have been trying to tell me he wanted to go somewhere! I put his shoes on him and he seemed pretty happy with that for the time being. Keeping him happy the past few days has not been very easy.


8 responses to this post.

  1. >And just think he is not even two yet! He is so cute though! Such a little man!


  2. >Get ready… Terrible Twos! 🙂


  3. >spikey what do I do? The kids is driving me BONKERS today!


  4. >It is all about frustration for a while.


  5. >Pooqueen = former nickname assigned to me by some people at my old job, having to do with my work in sewage and then having to do with changing lots of explosive diapers.


  6. >Well, on days like that, we just did whatever we could to make him happy really. If that meant putting Baby Einstein on then so be it. Try and hang in there and remember he is just a kid. 🙂


  7. >Oh, I am so with you!! I think my son has been abducted and replaced with a lookalike designed to drive me into insanity!! And have you experienced nightmares/night terrors yet? OH, THEY’RE PLEASANT!!


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