>An Apple a Day

>Monday night Mike and I grew concerned about an ugly diaper rash Nathan had with one particularly big sore that seemed to inflict great pain on the child during cleaning. I had been coating the kid’s butt with Desitan for days and it just kept looking worse. The kid is a pooping machine. So I put some Neosporin on it overnight and did a bit of research. I read and heard some things about potential staff infections and contagious rashes, so I decided I’d better keep him home from daycare and see the doctor, just in case.

Does this kid look sick to you?

We went to the doctor’s office Tuesday morning and had to wait for about 15 minutes in the sick child waiting room. I winced as I watched Nathan touch everything in sight, and wished I had brought some Purell with me, but I didn’t. The doctor declared his diaper rash nothing to worry about and deemed Nathan very healthy. As if I had predicted it, Nathan suddenly got sick after dinner. He didn’t eat his usual favorites but managed to eat several bites of fruit cocktail, which came back up whole. After barfing he seemed to have renewed energy and looked fine. We had planned to all go to the gym, but Mike volunteered to stay home with him while I went to yoga.

When I got home Nathan seemed fairly chipper and we gave him his bedtime bottle. Five minutes later half of it came up all over our bedroom floor. Definately a stomach bug. We cleaned up and put Nathan to bed, knowing in our hearts he wasn’t done. Sure enough a few minutes later the rest of the bottle and dinner came up all over his crib, including his beloved blankie. I had to handwash everything and then throw it in the laundry, so I gave him a substitute blankie, which caused him to cry for a good long time before finally drifting off to sleep after 10 pm.

He slept till morning and has so far kept a little bit of food and milk down, but he has a fever and is exhausted. I’ve never seen him lay down on the floor so much, so I pulled him into my lap and he lay still for half and hour watching Sesame Street, until I decided he needed a nap. Hopefully he’ll take two naps today. The worst part is, today was my monthly MOPS meeting, which I love going to. My group was providing breakfast this month and I made two delicious looking applesauce spice cakes with cream cheese icing. I gave them to my neighbor to deliver this morning and I won’t even get to sample them, or all the other delectable egg casseroles and bagels and pastries, etc. Nope, Corn Pops for me.

Nathan’s new haircut


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  1. >It sounds just like my kids when they are teething!! I didn’t catch how old your son is, but mine is 20 mths. and those are his exact symptoms. He usually gets a dandy rash, starts moping around, gets very cranky and then boom, the puking and pooing start. My daughter was the same exact way. It would usually last a good 6-8 hrs. and then they would be done. Within a couple weeks they would have brand new teeth!! I have learned (since i spent 15hrs. in the er with my daughter because face it with your first you tend to freak out)that you just fill them with water or pedialyte and don’t even bother to try to feed them. It all ends up back on the floor or you anyways. I don’t even give them motrin anymore because it always came right back up. I just let it run it’s course and all seems well at the end of a few hours. Sorry for the long post, caught you from Spikey’s. I hope your little one feels better soon!!


  2. >Wow, I just went through the same thing the other night but I did the clean up at 3am. Hope he feels better.As for the rash.. do you guys have Isles Paste down there? If you do, that is what we use and it works everytime.Oh shit, sorry, I should be working not posting. ;)PS. 34A


  3. >spikey what DO you do for a living that affords you so much time to blog? Just curious. thanks for the advice choppz. yeah he’s teething too but I think he also caught a virus.


  4. >Oh I hope he is feeling better soon!


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