>Is Penn State Too Blue?

>I could write a book on this subject, but I have lots of wastewater plants to design today so I’ll make this as short as possible.

In this morning’s news there is a story about how a conservative alumnus of UCLA had planned to pay students to tape record lectures of liberal professors, to gather evidence of the political indoctrination going on at the school. The students were only going to tape lectures with the permission of the professors. UCLA flipped out and threatened legal action against Andrew Jones and his group of concerned conservative alumni. What are they so afraid of people hearing? Don’t parents who are paying for their kid’s tuition have a right to know what’s being taught?

On a similar note, The Penn Stater magazine this month featured a story on the controversy created by conservative students claiming they are “outnumbered, ingored, and belittled” on campus at PSU and across the nation. I won’t recap the details of the article, but the gist of it was conservative groups are claiming widespread liberal discrimination by faculty, and University and governmental investigations have turned up very few legitimate and backed-up incidents. They used the “fill-in-the-bubbles” surveys we had to fill out at the end of every course as evidence.

I, for one, can tell you that half the students didn’t bother to fill out those surveys, and the other half didn’t care too much once the course was over. I personally experienced at least three very memorable incidents of “discrimination” by faculty for either my religious or political beliefs, and I certainly never took the time to complain about them. I and those I knew like me felt that it was just a fact of life that college was a bastian of liberal thought and we just had to deal with it. I figured if I complained to the faculty member in question I would be further penalized and laughed at, and if I complained to the department I would simply be ignored. Plus as a college student, who has TIME to complain to the powers that be? In fact, my very first class at Penn State, honors freshman English, taught by a stupid grad student, I distinctly recall that my very first essay touched on issues of my faith and while it related perfectly to the topic at hand, I was given a low grade and was told my religious point of view had no bearing on the facts. I also remember my the honors section of my film class, taught by a gay middle-aged grad student. I had two close friends in the class that were devout Catholics. The guy talked about the 80’s with such disdain, citing evil Reganomics and the first generation of film-school directors that made “Judeo-Christian crap” like ET. He asked the class “what story or parable does the plot of ET resemble?…what myth does the death and resurrection of an alien being sound like?” Someone answered “you mean The Bible?” “Yes! The myth of Jesus!” My friends and I looked at each other simultaneously, jaws dropping. We talked later about how insulting he was to religious people.

Is Penn State too blue? Duh, of course it is…has been for years.

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  1. >Most colleges are. It is part of the system. I think it was Wintson Churchill who said, “If you are young, and not liberal, then you don’t have a heart. If you are old, and not conservative, then you don’t have a brain.”


  2. >Oh I know. That’s a good quote, however I think I take some offense to it. Am I old or young? I certainly have a brain, but no heart? So to me it has always been a given that colleges are liberal and conservatives just have to put up with it for four or more years. But is this really fair? Should we have our grades docked because we don’t share the same values as our professors?


  3. >I had nearly the same experience with some interns in my early years at Penn State. I was given a low grade on a paper that I expressed my religious views, when my grades had been high up to that point. I blew it off, as well as other instances. I remained fairly strong in my faith as well as my conservative values through college, so none of it bothered me. I tend to think that I become a stronger christian and conservative when I hear the arguments of liberals and know from teaching where they are going wrong.


  4. >Remember when that guy tried to form that student group called STRAIGHT where heterosexual people could meet to discuss heterosexual topics? The LBGSA labelled them a “hate group” and the student government agreed with them refusing to give them a charter. Or when a conservative group tried to put out a monthly newspaper called “The Lionhearted” to combat the liberal “Daily Collegian”. Somebody went around campus collecting the conservative papers and throwing them in the trash bins.I think PSU is one of the most left leaning schools in the country.


  5. >Of course it is not fair. I find it funny how at college they talk about being open minded and accepting of other…unless that other is a conservative. I know a good amount of teachers some professors and I find it remarkable that most of them lean to the left. I think it is becasue they are surrounded by like minded people. I am a moderate. Middle of the road and I look at politics and religion like a gossip fence in someones back yard. The people that are further away from the fence, left or right have to shout to be heard. Instead of walking over to the fence to join in the discussion they simply scream it so they can be heard without having to listen to the conversation. Many professors and teachers get thrills out of having people listen to their ideas. They get offended when people disagree becasue they are supposed to be the authority figure on their subject. I meant no offense to you by using the Churchill quote. I like it because the age “Old/Young” is really just a metaphor for when one discovers the hardships of reality. We were all dreamers when we were young, then we realized we needed to get a job and earn a living and do what’s right.


  6. >I knew you meant no offense personally, don’t worry. If I took offense from anyone it would be Churchill. No I’m kidding…but I have never been liberal, never really been a dreamer type. I have always had a sound grasp of reality. Does that mean I have no heart? I don’t think so. But liberals would say so. 70000000000000000000000000


  7. >That last bit was brought to you by Nathan.


  8. >70000000000000000000000000Methinks Nathan is making a reference to the national debt.


  9. >I was part of The Lionhearted at Penn State, and let me tell you, we had no idea of left vs. right politics when we started it. Once we published an article about the Womens’ Studies program, all hell broke loose.The campus lefties stole our papers, burning an entire press run on the lawn of our advisor. False charges were brought against me in the campus judicial affairs department. My brother was kicked out of a class for taping it . . . believe me, Penn State is leaning quite a lot to the left, but thanks to The Lionhearted (if I may be unhumble!) there is at least a conservative presence now. In the early 90s, there was zilch.–Bill AmesExecutive EditorThe Lionhearted ’91-’93


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