>Half Nekkid Thursday


It’s back. I thought it was pretty much gone, but when I picked the kid up from daycare yesterday something was definately wrong. He cried when I picked him up. He screamed when I set him in his carseat. I looked around and checked to see if I had somehow pinched him. When I picked him up again he cried, then grabbed on for dear life as I carried him in the house. I looked at his face and saw he was gritting his teeth and concentrating very hard. I smelled a dirty diaper so I laid him down and opened up the diaper and saw the culprit…flaming red butt cheeks and genitals.

I only had wipes nearby so I regretfully cleaned up his mushy poop with the wipes as he let out blood-curdling screams and squirmed to get away. I took him right up to the bath thinking that would soothe his pain, but instead he just screamed and refused to sit down in the water. Sitting down anywhere was not an option. So I let him run around half nekkid most of the afternoon, which he throughally enjoyed. He stayed standing or on his knees, and every time he bent over I could see his little red cheeks peeking out from his oversized shirt. He peed on the floor twice when I wasn’t looking, but I didn’t mind.

I called the doctor and explained the problem, saying the diarrhea/mushy poop had been ongoing for more than a week. She said to stop giving him ANY dairy or juice. I asked what the heck the kid was supposed to drink. Water or Pedialyte. He won’t touch the Pedialyte, I’ve tried three flavors. He only drinks water directly from on of my bottles, very slowly and dribbling everywhere. But if that’s what it’s gonna take. I was surprised he didn’t complain to badly about missing his bedtime bottle, and he slept late this morning. He took about an ounce of Pedialyte in a bottle this morning and surprisingly didn’t complain about not getting milk. He’s such a cooperative kid when he’s not in pain.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Awwwwwwwww. Hope he feels better soon. Did you try the paste? Bath?


  2. >I think Pedialyte has a popsicle which worked better with my son when he was younger. He hated the liquid pedialyte.


  3. >Couldn’t find the paste you mentioned, and we tried the bath twice but it hurt him to sit in it.


  4. >my doctor told me that if Isaac won’t drink the pedialyte, to dilute gatorade with water. He likes the lemonade flavor!I know she said no dairy, but have you tried yogurt for the diaper rash at all? hope he’s feeling better soon! We have been through that too…it’s awful when the genitals get it!


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