>Yoga for Dummies

I missed class last week because the Natester and the hubster were both sick. I didn’t practice at home inbetween either, so I was nervous going into class tonight. Thank goodness Jen, the yoga-nazi, was sick. My friend Barbara and I had a quiet but audible celebration, which I think Mark appreciated. He said “Don’t be so happy yet because we’re gonna do stomach work.” To which I replied “That’s OK! I like ab work!” He smirked and made some comment about my regretting that statement later.

I must have been having a few small mental lapses because yoga tonight was a very “hands-on” experience. I almost died when he moved my ankle and I remembered that, no, I haven’t shaved my legs in a week. Hey…it’s WINTER. Maybe he didn’t notice. But I screwed up my Pigeon royally and he had to completely straighten me out and I felt stupid because I totally know how to do it. Still couldn’t get Crow pose but I got my knees onto my elbows at least for Tri-pod. Mark made it a point to the class that I was the one who said I liked ab work, so they should all blame me for that torture.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >I hate when I screw up my Pigeon!


  2. >Hehe…I forget if you said you do yoga or not…if you do you should know what I’m talking about…but it still sounds funny.


  3. >One of these days, I’m gonna come by that yoga room, and press my face up against the glass so that I look like I have a pig’s snout. Heh.Or, maybe not.But I was at the gym last night too. And don’t think I haven’t thought about doing it!


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