>Way Back Wednesday – Money

>So this week Mama Duck has asked us to post something money. Not money itself, of course. Example, she posted a picture of her favorite gold necklace. I immediately tried to think of the most luxurious thing I own or ever did. Hands down the most luxurious place I have ever stayed was the Banff Springs Hotel, in Alberta, Canada. Here’s the stock winter photo for the magnificent ski and summer resort.

And here’s the picture I took from my whitewater raft on the Bow River that runs in front of the hotel:

I guess their picture looks prettier. Ok now the best part was, Mike and I somehow ended up with a gigantic spa suite on a corner that had amazing views of the mountains and river. These rooms go for upwards of $600 Canadian a night in peak summer season, which is when we were there. Here’s a picture of what our room looked like:

The place was amazing, like a fairytale castle. The food at all the resturants was incredible. The spa and gardens were beautiful. The golf course was pristine and the fairways were covered with elk. The golf clubhouse was even luxurious. Too bad I don’t have any pictures with me in them, but I was the one taking all the pictures! Oh yeah, and here’s my rafting guide, Tim. He was Austrailian and told great bear stories. That’s my sister on the right looking rather infatuated.


10 responses to this post.

  1. >Okay, so I wanna go there. I’ll go pack a bag right now. Come pick me up tomorrow.


  2. >Been there, done that, have the tee-shirt! šŸ™‚


  3. >OMG. Those are so awesome. Can I go?


  4. >That is BEAUTIFUL!!! Don’t you hate when you’re the one taking all the pics?


  5. >That hotel is beautiful! I want to stay there!! If the guy had the Australian accent, I’d be looking rather infatuated also! Great pictures!I played!


  6. >Wow, awesome place!I played!


  7. >That place looks beautiful…I like your photo better than the stock photo..much more real looking :)My wife and I LOVE white water rafting and have done it many times…Great WBW post :)I Played!BradleyThe Egel Nest


  8. >One of my friends was married there. I didn’t go. Boohoo. From your pictures and hers, it sure looks beautiful, though!


  9. >Oh that place looks amazing!!! I want to go! :)I played. šŸ™‚


  10. >Oh my that place is beautiful..And the answer to your question is I got married at St. Anne’s in Phoenixville.I played!


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