>A Snow Story

>Remember how I said in my last post the weather people were calling for us to get 8-12 inches overnight? Well guess what…we have 16-18 inches on the ground and it’s still falling at noon. The plow hasn’t come by since last night, so we’re officially stuck. Good thing it’s a weekend.

I decided it was finally time to breakout Nathan’s new snow gear. He was less than thrilled. Here’s the story in pictures. First I put on the bibs, the mittens, and the new coat. I couldn’t figure out how to get Nathan to put his thumbs in the mittens right, so I gave up. I struggled for awhile getting the boots on, and he put up a fuss. He refused to walk. So I carried him out and put him in his sled.

What the heck is going on here?

Why can’t I get to the mailbox?

I can’t move my arms.

Get me off this driveway, I will not walk!

Call me all you want, I’m not budging.

Pick me up! I refuse to walk out here!

Much happier, but I still can’t move.


8 responses to this post.

  1. >LOL he is so cute!My nephew is 2 and he was up around our last snow and we dressed him all up and he refused to walk or move in the snow he was totally ticked off!


  2. >Good post. Good pics.


  3. >Looks like the kid from A christmas story. Great pics.


  4. >Nothing like pulling a kid around in the snow! Great pics 🙂


  5. >HA!!! That is hilarious. He really wouldn’t walk?? Isaac also hated it when we put on his boots, but he got over it and enjoyed the snow.


  6. >Awesome pics! I love the expression on his little face. Reminds me of A Christmas Story.


  7. >Ethan and I went sledriding twice on Sunday. It was great, he laughed all the way down and would say “one more time” every time we got to the bottom. Then he would lay down on the sled and I would start heading back up the hill.


  8. >These pictures crack me up–his arms are in the exact same position in every one. Like he doesn’t realize he can still bend them.


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