>I know I’m probably going to get chastised for linking to this article, but I have always made it clear in my profile over there on the right that I’m a conservative and a Christian. (I don’t like the term “Christian-conservative” because it lumps together two different ideologies that often overlap but are not the same thing.) I just hope you don’t quit reading my blog because my non-PC opinion. If you’re a regular reader, you know I hardly ever mention politics. But my family is VERY into politics and I will not refrain from bragging about my sister just because of her positions. This is a family blog, and my sister is my family.

I’ve mentioned before that my baby sister is a lobbiest. Well she’s not just any lobbiest, she’s the Executive Director for a very influential family values group based in Virginia. She’s only 27 but her voice is well-known in her state and she is respected by most of the state legistlature and despised by the rest for being tenacious in her conservative efforts. For the past several years she has been interviewed by the local and national media every time a family issue comes up in Virginia government…which is almost daily when they are in session January through March. I have loved listening to her on the radio thanks to internet feed, reading her editorials and quotes in the newspapers, and even seeing her on TV once in awhile. It baffles me how she learned to speak so well, to be so diplomatic and poised. She has introduced me to U.S. Senators, state legislators, attorneys general, and lietenant governors, all of whom I have heard gush about how great she is at what she does.

I don’t agree with her on every position she lobbys for, but I can’t help bragging about her anyway. So here’s a recent NPR interview she did on the issue of gay marriage. Click on the “Listen” link at the top to hear her actually talking about the issue. She’s Victoria Cobb, sister extrodinaire.


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  1. >Pretty neat article. One of things that I love about our country is the power that the states as individual parts of a greater bigger country have. And I mean that in thesense that if VA wants ban gay marriage or if MA wants to allow it.


  2. >I haven’t listed to it yet, but I just wanted to let you know that my brain isn’t functioning yet; I kept reading “My babysitter is a lobbiest.” over and over. I thought, what the heck does that have to do with her sister, even though I remember you talking about her political prowess in the past. I need to go back to sleep.


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