>Good Weekend

>This was the busiest weekend, besides the holidays, that we’ve seen in ages. Friday night we went to an appetizer and dessert party with our new small group from church. I brought crudite and dip. We dragged Nathan along because we couldn’t find a sitter, and he was pretty much an angel for it being so late and having no other kids around. He knocked over a couple drinks, but only because they were placed on the floor…duh. I thought we were going to have to skip it because Mike got stuck in Chicago flying home Thursday night and didn’t get to bed till 3 am Friday morning, then was back at the office for an early meeting and had to stay all day. He doesn’t do well without sleep. But he and Nathan were both troopers and we stayed long enough for me to kick everybody’s ass at Valentine’s Day Jeopardy.

Saturday morning we hit the gym, as usual, but I opted out of my regular cardio torture class and took it easy on a bike so I could keep reading The DaVinci Code. Boy those bike seats hurt after a few minutes! My best friend from college came by for lunch and I was such a bad hostess that we ordered out for lunch. That’s because I was more concerned about having the food I needed for the party I was going to that night and the one I was throwing Sunday. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. So anyway Saturday night we DID have a babysitter and we went to a dinner party for the new members class at our church. We met lots of nice people who I’d like to be better friends with. It was in the home of one of the church’s elders, whose daughter I happened to go to school with. They were the nicest people ever and their home, which they had completely designed, was spectacular. I brought a chicken dish which everyone raved about.

Sunday we went to church, of course, and then rushed home to get ready for a jewelry party I was hosting that afternoon. One of my friends from our old neighborhood sells Premiere Designs jewelry, which I love, so I hosted my second party for her. I only got six people to come, but I also had three other orders, which means LOTS of free jewelry for me. I made brownies, fruit salad, and more crudite, but my mother insisted that wasn’t enough food so she brought all kinds of other things. She’s kind of nuts that way with parties. As I expected, all the ladies completely polished off the veggies and fruit salad, and left most of the more fattening sweets. My mom also insisted I make coffee, which I knew no one would drink, and they didn’t. But we all had fun and by the time I had cleaned everything up I was exhausted and ready for my busy weekend to be OVER.


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