>How To Excite Me

>No, not like THAT.

I am giddy this morning because last night I figured out how to move all the music I downloaded into Sony Sonicstage into iTunes so I can use them on my iPod Nano. This may seem hardly a feat, but before I had an iPod I traded in a bunch of unused and unusable airline miles for 100 song downloads from Sony. I had the MOST fun picking up all that great new music, mostly a lot of pop/punk bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum 41, and Bowling for Soup. So I had 100 songs in my Sony Sonicstage, from which I burned a few CDs to listen to in the car. Then I traded in some other useless airline miles for 25 downloads on iTunes. That’s when I discovered the coolness that is iTunes. I had to put those on a separate CD, and because the two music sources have their own special formats and locks I believed the 125 songs would never be mixed together.

Then I got my iPod and downloaded a whole BUNCH more iTunes. I started rockin’ out at the gym and in the car, forgoing the use of CDs altogether. The 100 songs I downloaded from Sony were obsolete, and I temporarily forgot about them. There were some GREAT tunes on there, but I refused to pay to download them again from iTunes. So they sat idle.

Then Mike got an iPod and asked me one day if I had the song “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas on my iTunes. I said, “No. Alas, I downloaded it using Sonicstage and now it is stuck in oblivion.” But I thought to myself, there MUST be some illegal workaround for converting the music from one source to another. One simple Google and I hit paydirt. TONS of converters, mostly freeware, existed. I downloaded several but couldn’t figure out how to make them work. Errors all around. Then I took one of the music CD’s I had burned from Sonicstage and popped it into my computer. BEHOLD! iTunes automatically started importing the songs!! The only thing I had to do was manually enter the song titles and artists.

Now I have 351 downloaded songs on my iPod. A veritable Garden of Eden for my ears. (Until I get bored with those.) All is right with my world.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Can you excite me? Not like THAT! I have a shuffle and everytime I try and use itunes I delete my old songs. I have been listening to DMB and Coldplay for months now! lol


  2. >Hey spikey1, you need a gmail address or something so I can email you and not have to communicate via blog comments all the time.


  3. >@gmail.com


  4. >Man, I gotta get me one of those little units and learn about how to use it. My son has a little Lyra and I have to get him to set me up to use it. Once the music stops, I have to go find him again to set it up again. Dorky.


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