>Sister Update

So I just got this email from my bro-in-law with this link. So that in case we didn’t know it before, we could officially confirm that my sis has hit the bigtime. This is only a teensy tiny sampling of the hundreds of quotes she’s had in the news. Too bad these quotes don’t really reveal much about her as a person, because I could see how someone could react to these quotes and think she’s a certain way and forget that she’s actually a fully rounded human being. You can’t imagine some of the hate mail she gets.


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  1. >I’m sure Victoria’s tough area to gain a foothold with her promotion of family values would be the Northern Virginia area. There seems to be very little in the way of family values up here. I smell a ‘Family Foundation of Virginia’ and ‘Awakening Music Festival’ cross promotion thing working here. They should have a booth set up this year. Hey, it’s 6000+ people to get the word out to.


  2. >Hey I totally hear ya. Mike and I want to support Awakening Fest and I think I can talk my sister into setting up a booth and supporting it somehow too. I just checked out your website and was very impressed. Do you have any artists signed up yet for this year? My sister was just bragging about how her friend went to college with David Crowder and they got to hang out with the band after a David Crowder Band/Third Day concert. I love Jeremy Camp AND Tree 63.


  3. >We haven’t made any decisions yet. There is some talk about having Jeremy Camp again. We’ve already talked to his agent, and if he is going on tour for this fall, he would open his tour with us. There is talk of Kutless joining him along with a couple others. The Awakening was the biggest stop on the Restored Tour that he did last year. Chick-fil-a is going to be a sponsor for us this year. We haven’t talked much yet for this year, but I am excited about the relationship that we have started with them. We get press packs sent to us all the time. It’s a lot of fun. We have a lot to choose from for this year. Our first organizational meeting will be next month.


  4. >I shocked that Awakening was his biggest gig last year. I love that album Restored! Anyway, he and Kutless would be fantabulous. I vote for you to get David Crowder band. Or what about Sanctus Real? They’re pretty cool. I’m sure anybody would be great. I’m trying to talk Mike into maybe leaving Nathan with my mom that weekend and volunteering to help you guys, financially and physically. Oh…and I told my sister about Awakening and she LOVED the idea of working with you, setting up a booth there and stuff. I will put you two in touch soon. What is a press pack?


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