>This week’s Stuff Portrait Friday was pretty easy. Except Kristine broke up with Blogger, so you have to hunt down the new location for SPF! Anyway she wanted to see:
1. Our nightstand drawer
2. A good book you’ve read
3. Our favorite lamp

My nightstand drawer is always a catchall for junk. Lots of lotions and medicines. Matches for my candles. I don’t know why the golf balls are in there! Oh and of course the neverending pile of hair thingys. My mom reads this blog so some other things may have been removed from view.

I just finished The DaVinci Code last night. It was a great read, fast moving and very interesting. I’m sure the movie will be great. My Christian family thinks its an evil book, but I think if your faith is sure this fictional conspiracy theory won’t make you doubt the Truth. See that beaded bookmark hanging out of the book? That’s a book “thong” and I MADE it in MOPS. I can be crafty when someone gives me all the tools and directions and other women to gab with while I’m working!

My favorite lamp was purchased at Home Depot for our last house. It’s in our family room and we hardly even use it. Don’tcha love my snowmen too?

Tell me if you played!


10 responses to this post.

  1. >I haven’t read the book, but I hate it when people criticize things they haven’t read themselves. My parents are the same way – “Oh, that’s evil!” And I’m like “Have you read it?” “Well, no…”I played!


  2. >Everyone has such nice lamps! I want to go some more now!lolI played too:)


  3. >Golf balls interesting…nice!Have a great day! I played!


  4. >Other things may have been removed?? But she ‘may’ read that!! ;)I’m currently reading Angels and Demon’s by Dan Brown. Similar pace and fun story just like the Da Vinci Code. I think the movie will be good too.Happy SPF!


  5. >I think I’m the only one who hasn’t read that book yet. I added it to my list…


  6. >Thank goodness someone else has a messy drawer too!Loved Da Vinci Code!


  7. >Love the lamp and adore the snowmen! I have a semi-collection started of snowmen, just love them :)Fun SPF, have a great weekend!


  8. >I love the golfballs in the drawer! 🙂


  9. >I’m offended that you said “your christian family thinks its an evil book.” I distinctly recall that I did NOT say it was an evil book. In fact, I think I broke from the other members of the family on my opinion, yet your readers will assume your wacky right-winger sister was the one who thinks it’s evil. i’m offended to be painted with such a broad brush!


  10. >I have golf balls in my drawer! LOL


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