>WBW – Bad Hair Day

>This week the Football Widow came up with our WBW theme of bad hair accessories. Well my hair in general is bad a lot, especially in my younger days when I didn’t know how to tame my voluminous curl. Now it’s better. But since I have a good sense of humor and can poke fun at myself, here are a couple REALLY bad and funny hair choices.

First is Halloween, when I was about 17. Pippi Longstocking. Don’t ask how I got my hair to do that.

Then was on my honeymoon in the Bahamas, when I decided to have my hair braided by a native woman on the beach. My husband thought it would look sexy, but it just looked dumb, and ruined my hair. You should’ve seen it when we took the braids out!

Well I’m off to meet Flutter for dinner, so see ya suckas!!!


8 responses to this post.

  1. >Hey, you stole my title! How did you get your hair to do that anyway? 😛


  2. >I’m thinking corn starch, a few bottles of hairspray, some cement… that is gravity defying hair!! Love the braids! I guess I got lucky when I had mine done, it didn’t do any damage that I recall.


  3. >Good grief – I thought that was a wig!I played!


  4. >OMG I was Pippi one year while working retail at the mall. Pipecleaners, my friend.I almost did that in the Bahamas, too, but knew it just wouldn’t work out. Have fun with Flutter, say Hi for me.


  5. >You look totally great as Pippi, great costume! The braids look good on you! Sorry they ruined your hair but who knew years later that you would be using them for an internet post! Cool!


  6. >Alright…those Pipi pigtails ROCK!!!Have fun with Flutter! (that kind of sounded naughty, but you know who/what I meant…)


  7. >It was so great to meet you tonight. I had a really nice time. Love the Pipi Hair!


  8. >Actually a wire coat hanger. The braids only hurt my hair for a few days I guess. Lots of conditioning got it back to normal. Flutter, it was great meeting you as well. Wonderful resturant! I meant to tell you I loved your pink blouse.


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