>Tantrum Thursday – Crybaby

Yesterday I hosted my first official playgroup at our house. It was two other moms from MOPS and their boys, one 20 months and one 2 years old. I figured this was perfect…three boys so close in age. Seth and Nathan are both pretty tall kids, so they were both physically a little bigger than Ross, the 2 year old, but he definately was more assertive and could verbalize a lot more.

Unfortunately shortly after Ross got here, Nathan ran head first into the edge of a wall and split his forehead open a tiny bit. I think that might’ve impacted him the whole rest of the day. He was pretty good overall, but very passive and a big wuss.

It’s amazing how the proud mama instincts come out when moms and kids get together like that. We all want our kids to be angels and show off their mad skillz. I couldn’t get Nathan to say anything or do any of the tricks he knows. And anytime another kid would take his toy he would run crying to me. He was so hesitant to jump right into things with the other boys, even when they seemed to want him to. He cried so often it was kind of embarressing. He needs to toughen up a little! I guess it’s first child syndrome. He is around lots of other kids, but not on his turf with his stuff. At least he never fought over toys like the other two boys did. Their moms were both clearly embarressed when their kids wouldn’t share and threw little fits. Overall it was a great experience.

Funny thing happened at playgroup though. The two year old determined that he wanted to play in our basement, because he has a big playroom in his basement. As I’ve mentioned many times before, this is a goal of mine, but right now it is just storage. But the kid thought the door to the garage was the door to the basement, so he grabbed the knob and tried to open it. His mom opened the door and showed him the cars and told him we had no basement.

After everyone had left I decided to take Nate to Target. Since it was a warmer day I left our coats in the closet, grabbed my purse and stuck Nathan in the car. When I realized my keys weren’t in my purse, I jumped out to run in and grab them, but the normally unlocked door to the garage was locked. I panicked, and ran around the house to the front door, praying I’d left it open. Nope!! Good thing I had my cell phone and Mike was not on a business trip! So an exhausted and slightly chilly Nathan and I wandered around the yard for a half hour, trying to stay in the warm sunshine. Time to make copies of the keys and give them to the neighbors, and hide one outside somewhere.


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  1. >Yes, the first experience of them playing with others on their own turf is interesting. Isaac was clearly annoyed when a little girl decided to hord all the Noah’s Ark animals and not let him play with HIS toys. It was pretty amusing!


  2. >What is this MOPS group? Is there a website or anything for them? A friend of mine has a son (I think about 18 mos?) and she would probably be interested in a group like this where she could meet other people… Could you e-mail me? lolageek@lolageek.com


  3. >He looks pissed. Poor little guy he probably knows his mama called him a big wuss!


  4. >My mom’s group is way prolific. It started out like yours. And I remember being self conscious about how my child acted and comparing our kids to each other. Seven years later, all four of us have three kids each. So now when we get together it’s totally different. We pretty much let the kids do whatever and drink our coffee and as long as there is no blood, we are happy!


  5. >He’s cute even when he’s crying!!


  6. >I am beginning to see a trend in a lot of these blogs. My stuff all looks too junky to show! ~ jb///


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