>What’s funny…


What’s funny is my pregnant sister calling me from Babies ‘R Us six times in the span of an hour, where she is attempting to register for baby gifts. The original plan was she would wait until I could come down to Richmond April 1st and help her, but her overbearing mother-in-law is hosting not one, but TWO baby showers for her in Georgia and she must register now since the invites are going out this week.

What’s even funnier is that during the span of an hour in which she has called me six times for advice on strollers and pack n plays and Baby Bjorns…I have had three glasses of red wine and am now slurring my words as I tell her that she should really register for a video monitor AND a sound monitor, since I regret not having the video one at times. Oh my poor niece. By the way…I found out a few days ago it’s a GIRL and now I must commence with the buying of all things girly and cute but not PINK. I get so sick of PINK babies.

Don’t mind me, blogging while inebriated is kinda fun. It does involve LOTS of backspacing.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >Woo hoo it is a girl. So exciting!Sorry to hear her MIL is overbearing! Yikes!


  2. >Now was the inebriation a planned thing or a result of all the phone calls?Congratulations on the baby niece! Good luck on the pink. It’s much easier said that done. Dang it. 😉


  3. >My sister is also pregnant. She is due in August. However I do not have to hear all about baby registries…only about how much she puked today. Fun.


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