>On the Event of Your 18 Month Birthday



I can’t believe you are 18 months old! You don’t look at all like a baby anymore, you look like miniature man. I keep expecting you to walk up to me and tell me in a full sentence that you’re going off to college already. Please don’t. I was walking down the street with you today, holding your hand and standing upright, and I suddenly realized that my role as your mom has changed dramatically. I am no longer simply the provider of your basic physical needs. Now I must be your teacher, your role model, your source of guidance. That’s scary.

You are an excellent walker now and have lately taken to running full speed with your head down which causes many collisions. You say Pepper all the time, pronouncing it exactly right with the “R” sound and everything. The other day we were playing in the living room and I asked you to go into the family room and bring me a book. It took you much thought and much repeating of the command, but you accomplished the task without any demonstration or pointing from me. This means you understand me, even when you pretend otherwise.

You certainly understand the word “No”, which I don’t say all that often. Lately you’ve taken to melting into tears when Daddy or Nanna say it and running to me for sympathy. I know this comfort from me undermines your father’s scolding, but it’s good to know you think I’m your #1 fan. It’s true, I am.

You’ve been having a good time playing with Vanessa at Miss Jeanne’s house several mornings a week, but Miss Jeanne is hanging up the fingerpaints this summer, so we have to find you a new crew to play with. There are lots of nice schools around to pick from, so I’m sure we’ll find one that suits you. I hope being around more kids your age for longer stretches will encourage you to interact with them more, instead of just hanging back and watching them all the time. But I am grateful for the days and afternoons I get to have you home with me, even if I seem distracted on the phone or computer a lot.

You’ve just discovered belly-buttons and take great delight in sticking your finger in them. As well as putting your fingers in my mouth to feel my tongue and in my eyes to touch my lashes. Pepper is your best buddy, despite her standoffishness towards you, but you probably wouldn’t think twice about trading her in for a Lilly or a Jackson who lick your face and let you pull their tails.

You are a professional sleeper, a pretty good eater, and an all-around good natured little boy. Look out, because when your little brother or sister comes along (no, I’m not pregnant) I’m sure we won’t get so lucky twice. You are the best addition to our happy little family ever, and I hope we get to keep you for at minimum 18 more years.

Love, Mama


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Happy 18 months little man. You have a great Mama!


  2. >Oh I think you’ll be surprised that you can get that lucky twice and love them just as much. Shocker. At least it was to me. :)That was a beautiful letter. You should print that out and put it in his baby book.


  3. >Happy belated birthday, little Nate. My how you’ve grown. You keep that momma wrapped around your little finger, now. Best of luck to you in your daycare search. I know it’s really bumming you out.


  4. >He is a cutie patootie. 🙂


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