>WBW – Spring Break!!!

>For the record, my parents refused to ever let me go anywhere cool for spring break, even in college. They laid this super thick guilt trip on me about how I wouldn’t be living with them much longer and they wanted to spend time as a family, yadda yadda. I feel so deprived. So I give you the next best thing…senior week. This was the week after the senior prom but before high school graduation…I think.

Here’s me and my best pals hangin’ out in Valley Forge National Park the morning after the prom. That’s me on the far left brooding in my REM t-shirt. I was so above it all. Gotta love those old school jeans and thick bunchy socks. The two girls on the far right are still my best friends today. The girl in the bikini is my EX-best friend from earlier in high school. As far as we know she dropped off the planet after graduation. I do know that her mom, who I adored, died of breast cancer not too much later.

And then we all headed “down the shore” as we say in Philly. That means to the beaches of New Jersey, in this case to my friend’s house in Stone Harbor. We had such a blast, a whole bunch of us girls with no boys invited. We cruised around the residential beach town in my uber-cool minivan looking for boys to pick up, but all the ones we found looked like they were 12. We made late-night runs to the 7-11 for Slurpees and slept on the beach listening to Pink Floyd all day. We all bought matching tie-dye shirts, which I wore faithfully in college. This is sooooooo not a flattering picture of me or ANY of my friends. Talk about my bad frizzy hair. It didn’t help that we were all squinting into the sun.

So that’s my WBW! Didya play?

4 responses to this post.

  1. >I played! Yes going down to the shore. We do that as well! That is so Philly!


  2. >You had Senior Week? Man, the things you miss out on in a small town.


  3. >Brooding…cute.Looks like you guys had fun at the shore though!


  4. >I got Spring Break, but we didn’t have Senior Week. Looks like a lot of fun! 🙂


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