>3 Hour Naps

>Yes, that’s right, the muncher has been taking three hour naps lately. Last week I chalked it up to him being sick. But I think the habit may have stuck. Now I just have to hope I don’t get spoiled so when he goes back to 1.5 -2 hours I resent it.

Two other milestones of note. On the advice of a professional nanny, I got a potty for Nathan for Christmas and every time he gets a bath I sit him on it for just a second. No big deal, just to get him used to the thing. Well Saturday night after I stripped him down for his bath I lifted the lid and pointed to the potty and he sat down voluntarily. All on his own. He sat for maybe a whole 20 seconds, popped up and then flushed. He LOVES to flush, especially after I use the toilet.

Additionally the past couple of days I have noticed him pooping and then he walks over to me, grabs at his diaper and babbles incoherantly. He never grabs at his diaper any other time. He seems quite serious. I am fairly certain that he is requesting an immediate diaper change, because when I pick him up and put him down on the table, he smiles. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have him potty trained before #2 comes along (no, I am NOT pregnant).

I guess it’s probably not a good idea on my quest to shed a few pounds and train for a 5K to skip my run in favor of gorging on pizza and gabbing with a group of other moms of preschoolers. But it is fun!


4 responses to this post.

  1. >He is going to spoil you with those naps.


  2. >The problem with potty training before the second one is I hear that the kid may revert back to wanting a diaper. For attention and what not.


  3. >If you get him potty trained before two, I’m going to be so jealous. I bought one of those toilet lids that goes on the big potty, so I think I’ll steal your little bath trick and have Rancito install it tonight.And pizza calories get balanced out by all of the calories expended WHILE gabbing and laughing and whatnot. 😉


  4. >Wow…given the opportunity my 2 y/o will sit her in crappy nappy ALL DAY. She knows she has a log in there but laughs and runs away when I ask her about it.Bribery and threats work wonders though.Yeah, I’ve heard what William said too. That’s my excuse for not having No. 1 trained yet…I was ummm, waiting.


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