>Commonwealth Watch: HRH Victoria Cobb, Queen of Candor

>Commonwealth Watch: HRH Victoria Cobb, Queen of Candor

My extremely well-spoken, oft-quoted, diplomatic sister had a stunning remark in the Richmond Times-Dispatch last week. She has been picked on endlessly and treated badly by one state senator for Virginia, Potts, a Republican who ran for governor last year and only got 2.2% of the vote. He heads up the Education and Health Committee which have been the home of many anti-abortion bills my sister works on. The newspaper quoted her as saying, “I am sure he is very frustrated his political career is tanking and he needs someone to blame,” said Cobb, who has been on the receiving end of a Potts tirade.”Other than his 2 percent base, no one really takes him seriously. While he may think he is intimidating us, it really just provides everyone with a good laugh,” Cobb said.

I asked her if she was wishing more ire and trouble for her organization and she said it didn’t matter because no one likes him, no one takes him seriously, and he is retiring very soon. So much for holding her tongue!


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  1. >Your Sister has Moxy. I love this stuff.


  2. >And on the issue of children, well the world is full of untold unwanted orphans. I sometimes wonder at those straight couples that will marry and choose to reproduce rather than adopt one of those children – the children of God. And yet some of those same couples will oppose stringently qualified adoption by gay parents.


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