>Playtime with Nathan


I love this wooded puzzle with the animals.

I’m really good at matching the pictures!

Hey! Here comes Pepper to play with me!

This is the new toy I picked out for Pepper at Petsmart.

It’s a frog that goes “Ribbit. Ribbet.” If I run away with it she will chase me.

When she tries to get it from me, I fall on it and hold tight!

I taunt her mercilessly and laugh when she barks.

I tease her with her own toy, but keep holding on tight.

I squeal with delight while she tried to tear it away.

And I laugh and laugh when she gives up and just barks at me!


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Already Torturing that poor Pepper!


  2. >OMG…we need a dog. My girls would love it.OTOH…the dog probably wouldn’t, so maybe we don’t need one.


  3. >Where is the tantrum Thursday?


  4. >That looks like so much fun! Our 90lb lab would eat my kids – LOL! Your son is cute, mine is only 6 months old 🙂


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