>WBW – Unkind Fashion of the 1980’s

>Well I think this week’s title explains it all. The Kept Woman has assigned us to post our bad fashion photos of the 80’s. For me this was elementary school and middle school, so bad fashion was everywhere. Searching through the wealth of material for this post, I came up with two reoccuring themes. First, my hair was always always always bad in the 80’s. I blame my mother for this. And whoever decided feathered layers were the thing to do. You’ll see below. Secondly, I still can’t believe how ginormously tall I was. Especially compared to my peers. I was 5’4″ in the 5th grade. I grew only two more inches after that. Rediculous.

Disclaimer: My husband is out of town and I am bored so I posted a LOT of pictures. Enjoy.

Let’s start with 1980, age 5, kindergarten. This proves I was indeed once cute despite my tallness. Note my height compared to the refridgerator and then look at another 5 year old you know.

Moving on to 1983. Age 8, still pretty cute.

In 1985 the bright neon and pastel colors began. This coat is gross, but I know I loved it. You probably can’t tell but I can see how super tall I was for age 10.

1986 brought in the feathered layers. You can’t tell but my hair actually does look decent in this shot, but VERY 80’s. Also the advent of vests and my braces.

Ok want proof of my giganticness? March 1987, 5th grade. That’s my friend Christy and she is not particularly short.

And now for the worst…my Madonna wannabe look. Also 1987. Ugh.

Here’s some seriously 80’s fashion. Tapered sweat pants, more big shades, big thick bunchy socks, and high top sneakers. Oh my.

That’s when my mom decided my hair looked so crazy it should be chopped completely off. I give you my school photo, 1988, 7th grade.

And finally, 1989 brought the pleated jeans, the tucked-in-bloused-out button up shirts, and more fugly vests.

Thank GOD the 80’s ended. I was soooo much cooler in the 90’s. And I did my own hair and it looked a lot better. Go on internet, laugh away. I did.

Didya play?


14 responses to this post.

  1. >Wow, you are brave. I would have shredded or burned those photos.


  2. >OMG — was that picture of you taken at the Skatium in Havertown?


  3. >Anyway, you and I could have been wardrobe twins in the 80s. Especially that last get-up with the blouse and the vest. I swear I owned the same exact outfit. I used to buy clothes from Marianne (remember that store?) and looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking. Ugh.


  4. >The only good thing about 80s fashion was that it was better than 70s fashion!I played!


  5. >I used to love wearing those vests!


  6. >Bonus points for so many photos!!LOVE the Madonna look-alike picture…very swank.This is apparently the week for out-of-town husbands which is making me a bit suspicious now that I see this from lots of people…maybe there is a Man Conference somewhere and they all lied about where they were going…


  7. >Wow. I totally think I had a coat like yours.


  8. >Oh, my. Great pics.


  9. >LOL – Madonna wanna be! I fortunately can’t find those photos!


  10. >Those are all classic! Lovin’ the hair!


  11. >I confess I should have let you grow your hair long and pulled it back. It was soooo bushy and curly and it tangled really easily. You didn’t like having it brushed. Sorry about the hair and the fashions. It was the 80’s you were still cute. I know I am your Mom. Oh well, life is tough. At least you grew up and did it yourself so I don’t have to take credit for ALL of your bad hair and fashions!!!!! Time changes the way you look at fashion!!! Mom


  12. >You were tall! And so skinny! Great photos.


  13. >Madonna wannabe’s… we all went through it. Sigh.Could be worse. Think of the girls 3 years ago that are going to have to endure their “Britney wannabe” photos 20 years from now!!!


  14. >Haha! I enjoyed the photos! I played this week too – my first WBW! Have a great day!


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