>Just Another Sick Kid Monday

>I thought the boy was just taking his time in getting over his stomach bug of last week. I thought that was why he still wasn’t eating much, why he still had occasional bouts of melancholy this weekend, and why he was a bit tempermental. Apparently not. He coughed all night and has been screaming in pain all morning. He holds his ears and won’t eat or drink because it hurts to swallow. Looks like a bad ear infection. We’ll see the doc this morning.

On the plus side, yesterday I discovered that I can, in fact, manage a slow jog while pushing his regular stroller down the canal path near our house. That was nice. Really works the triceps too!


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Hope the little guy is up soon.


  2. >Poor thing – look at that sad “I no feelo good” face. LOL


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